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Re: X-Ray Analysis service ???

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 29 15:36:59 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Two things: 1 Why isn't your assembly house correcting this problem? 2 Check the archives

Re: Solder Stack Film Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 28 08:41:37 EDT 2000 | Aaron

1. Check printing accuracy. 2. Check placement accuracy. 3. Your components should be kept in a good environment to prevent oxidation of terminations. 4. Pads pattern should be designed according to standards. If 1.2. are okay, you should suspect 3

Re: Black residue at end of wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 21:44:14 EST 2000 | sosina_outry

Daren: suggestion from a friend of mine 1. Is residue on the top or bottom of the board? If on the bottom, then you might need to do solder dedross. if on the top, you might need to check 1. after spray flux, check for any excess flux on the top of


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