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Solder Paste Mixer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 12:15:51 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

We have hand mixed several million grams of solder paste in the last 20 years. No problems to date.

Reflow oven omniflow 10E

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 04 12:29:04 EST 2022 | stephendo

The Historical Society. 20 years old is antique for technology.

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 10:47:48 EST 2021 | mbass

Hi, As a user of EP P&P machines for over 20 years I have used Gen 1 & Gen 2 Trolleys. If you can get Gen 2 Trolleys with Elements that would be the preference as there are a few options available on the Gen 2 not on Gen 1. That said the Gen 1 Trolle

Product Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 11:21:54 EDT 2007 | areed

I might be able to help. I�ve been manufacturing in the irrigation industry for around 20 years. If your retailing for $20.00 your cost should really be around $4.00. If you would like We could discuss p.c.b. layout, enclosures, packaging, & marketi

Cleaning Wave Solder Conveyor Chains

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 14:12:12 EDT 2004 | jdumont

I thought I was the only one left with one of these dinosaurs. How is yours working for you, ours (despite its age) still works pretty well. I think its going on 20 years old now!!

Matte tin finish

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 18:38:53 EDT 2004 | davef

whiskers / "matte" => no whiskers. Look here: http://nepp.nasa.gov/whisker/anecdote/20year/ There. Nice going. What a buzz killer. I've got to got find some donuts, cold pizza, er whatever.

New SMT line - P&P equipment selection help

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 20:00:54 EDT 2005 | Jim

Gee Greg I did not know you have been in this for 20+ years. One would have thought you might have figured out how to design a machine that could sell more than 5 per year. or was it that many?

Fillet Tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 11:10:14 EST 2006 | Chunks

LOL!!! I have over 20 years of this stuff. Should I be wearing a cape or have a spiffy name like Moon or Master?

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 09:09:47 EDT 2006 | stepheniii

Do you mean making bare boards or populating bare boards. You post sounds like you mean the first but this forum mainly deals with the second. And to do either well, you need 10-20 years experience. Or hire someone with said experience.

SMT adhesive suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 20 12:13:11 EDT 2007 | hussman

Guess I've been spoiled using Loctite brands for the past 20 years. (Not an advertisement - unless they wanna pay me!)

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