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GSM2 spindles Not seen for head

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 26 14:54:52 EDT 2015 | ercdave1

Hello, just a quick update on this issue. I disabled head 2 on beam 2 which was the second head I worked on, and left only active the head that I had work with first and ran dry cycle with. after disabling the head 2, the machine zeroed with no pr


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 08:29:15 EDT 2015 | johanbergstrom

The difference between TMC Flex and TMD Flex is about the ability to feed component tape with deep pockets for larger components. The TMC have a rather low passage for embossed component tape. While TMC Flex is limited to a maximum tape depth of 7,5

Quad oven-Need "offset.exe" s/w to calibrate temperature offsets

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 06 14:29:14 EDT 2015 | cadco

Update 6 Oct 15: We have completely re-configured the oven PID boards such that everything is now visible on the oven by the s/w and all is now OK since the "Machine"card is now recognized. We have just one additional procedure to do and that is to

Thinking of changing Pick and Place from Quads

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 10 11:24:50 EDT 2015 | cusackmusic

I've been running Quads for over 10 years, and I love them. I've had almost every model, from the 100, to our current IVCs, and QSP2. We are getting busier, and I'm thinking about upgrading. I have TONS of feeders, so the simple solution would be t

Service & Support Best Practices?

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 16 10:20:40 EDT 2015 | markhoch

I don't have time to go in depth, but I will say this.. Considering onsite Service... Please please PLEASE make sure your Service Engineers travel with tools. I'm very tired of having to scramble to find tools for FSE's who show up at my facility wit

Panasonoc CM602-L Problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 22 05:36:58 EDT 2015 | myleb

Hi Nhel, It's quite strange problem here... 1. The voltage check: please supply power voltage. Inside machine (BF) there is a transformer, please make sure the voltage setup is correct. 2. In Ringload information, please see the 12V and 24V, is it

What's the best company for low volume, quick turn around PCB assembly?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 07:56:23 EST 2015 | emeto

this is very touchy.There are many CPMs out there. Which one is the best for you though is what you should figure out. I think your boards density, quantities and variety assemblies will define that. One of our customers has around 1000 different ass

Free AOI CDR tools download

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 23:01:59 EST 2015 | dan59314

RvConverter AOI/AVI CDR tools free download Users Manual: http://www.rasvector.url.tw/RvConverter/RvConverter使用手冊.pdf Easy to use : Generate AOI data in just 2~3 steps. 1. Load File. 2. define Output Region/Resolution(Optional)

Buying 1 or 2 Post reflow AOI and 1 Pre reflow AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 15:25:37 EST 2015 | 31258

Good morning RedChili, This is Marvin from Saki America. I came across your post and I noticed that you are interested on 3D-AOI and 2D-AOI machines. We can offer pre-reflow and post-reflow full 3D-AOI and 2D-AOI for you needs. IF you have any ques

SMEMA Conveyor into Reflow Oven? How to handle end of line signal.

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 00:14:23 EST 2015 | ttheis

To clarify- what I have is: 1. Manual stencil print process 2. Dynapace conveyor into GSM 3. Dynapace conveyor out of GSM into oven So what I need is a way to tell the conveyor into the placement machine to "go" when a board is loaded onto it after

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