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Re: Chip on board - board metalization

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 20:28:54 EST 2001 | Dave F

Consider the recommendations of J-STD-012 as the baseline for your efforts.

Re: Squeegee blades:TITANO

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 01:31:11 EST 1999 | James Bond

Dear Mr. Curtis, We have alternative solution for your problem, if epoxy paste is for bonding purpose. Please visit our Website to get more details as follows. http://www.squeegee.co.kr Best regards, J.B. Hyun

Re: Squeegee blades

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 10:43:39 EST 1999 | John Thorup

The TA blades work very well. I understand that they are now available with the permalex coating over the whole blade rather than just the edge for no cost up. This is advertised to reduce sticking. As Boca says, try the epoxy vendor. Maybe the p

Re: Squeegee blades

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 02 11:54:50 EST 1999 | John Thorup

I'll have to second Boca. I have used the TA blades exclusively for three years and have never seen the coating come off. I think you'll be able to make a case for your bean counters. John Thorup

Re: Squeegee blades

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 09:45:54 EST 1999 | Boca

We have been using TA permalex blades for year, they work great! They will even work with you on custom designed blades to fit custom blade holders. If you're having trouble with solder paste sticking to the blades contact the vendor for some solut

Re: Squeegee blades

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 16:17:43 EST 1999 | Curtis T.

Are these blades coated with something like PTFE (teflon)? If so does the coating flake off over time. Incidently I just got a pice quote and they are 4.5X that of our standard MPM nickel plated spring steel, so I wanted to make sure they would last

Re: Squeegee blades

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 02 10:32:47 EST 1999 | Boca

Curtis, They have a 'permalex' coating bonded to the metal. We see no signs of flaking. They are pricey but they do work, we had metal blades from the OEM, they were absolute trash (not MPM). We run 16-6 and they last at least 4 to six months in

Squeegee blades

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 20:21:44 EST 1999 | Curtis T.

Does any one have any experience with the transition automation permalex squeegee blade (I called them and they couldn't tell me much), or any blade other than the typical nickle coated spring steel. Part of our production has been moved (by our cus

Dirty Reflow owens.

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 08:32:12 EST 2008 | jola

Thanks for your replys but I can't figure out why this problem is so much bigger in one owen when we run nearly the same mix in both our lines and we use in 99% of the production only the same 2 different pastes, lead and leadfree. The pastes we use


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