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Fluxes for high voltage DC

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 31 10:58:52 EDT 2010 | cobar


any sugg. on lead forming equip.

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 16:02:17 EDT 2007 | patrickbruneel

In my previous life these lead forming machines were my favorites (very reliable). http://www.streckfuss.com/lead_form.htm#Radial%20Cut%20and%20Form

PCB Material

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 23 07:55:25 EDT 2009 | davef

For a properties comparison, look here: http://www.merix.com/files/Preferred%20Laminates%20and%20Prepreg%20rev%20090106.pdf

Water Soluble Flux

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 00:31:12 EST 2010 | cobar

Dear all Can any1 explain me about the variuos > types flux and their cleaning procedure? I have > confusion in claen,non-clean,RMA, and water > soluble. > > Thanks in advance. http://shanelo.co.za/Design,%20process%20and%20reliability.htm

Bubbles after coating

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 10:07:28 EDT 2018 | davef

This chart is from http://www.nordson.com/-/media/Files/Nordson/asymtek/Papers/Process%20Control%20and%20Traceability%20in%20Automated%20Conformal%20Coating.pdf?la=en

Degolding Pretinning

Electronics Forum | Sun May 02 11:44:03 EDT 2010 | davef

J-STD-001 is your base requirement, but MIL and SPACE have stringent requirements for soldering gold plated terminals, e.g. this typical one: http://xweb.nrl.navy.mil/glast/CALDesign/CDE/CAL%20DPD%20Wire%20Cable%20Soldering%20and%20Staking%20Spec%20

Double sided assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 12:17:02 EST 2000 | vickij

Hi! Has anyone out there ever tried to use a high-temp and a low-temp solder paste on a double-sided board without using an adhesive? (Populate the bottom side with the high temp paste, reflow, turn it over, then run the top side). I looked in the

Re: Siemens's users. What do you think ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 20:52:21 EDT 1998 | Dave

| I would like to know something about Siemens machines from users of Siplace or old machines. | Thanks ! I currently have a Si-Place S15 and wouldn't get another Siemens for anything. Their service is the worst I've ever seen. The machine is do

Rework Procedures

Electronics Forum | Tue May 27 12:53:15 EDT 2003 | davef

Our solder irons are tuned to 700*F, but the in-use temperature varies according to the solder alloy and the characteristics of the board and components. Check some of the papers on multilayer ceramic capacitors. They get fairly specific, for insta

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 14:45:29 EDT 2005 | davef

Dispose according to the MSDS for the product. As a point of comparison, here is a MSDS for another flux: http://www.kester.com/MSDS/USA%20and%20Canada/English/Fluxes/MSDS%20135%20US%20(24Nov03).pdf ... which says: 13 Disposal considerations Prod

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