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no-clean process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 21:54:54 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Notice they do call out that you should use their thinner. In the MSDS you get a clue as to the thinner they are mostly using with some additives. http://www.kester.com/PDF%20FILES/PDF%20Data%20Sheets/E%20No-Clean%20Fluxes/951%20(30Mar98)logo.p

International certification programme for lead-free product test

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 03 09:36:05 EST 2004 | davef

Unfortunately, IPC-D-279, IPC-TM-650, IPC-TR-464, and MIL-STD-810 will not answer your questions, because they do NOT address LF-solders. Even the tests in IPC-9701 need to be modified for LF-solders, because: * LF-solder has different creep behavior

Seeking AXI machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 06:20:00 EDT 2010 | costache

Dear All > > I need to check the solder paste > volume inside the PTH at our board,which size is > 440x620 mm.So, I may need 3D inspection > machine,AXI, not AOI.So, does anyone recommand me > which 3D machine is suited to my PCB? Thanks in > a

Halogen-free Solder Re-flow Quality Issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 10:26:39 EDT 2015 | derrikf

I've recently pushed the company I work for to switch to a halogen-free solder that our supplier carries, Kester's NP 505 HR, prior we were using Kester NXG1. NP 505 HR performs great on the screen, we have a lot of down time in between prints (we d


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