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36PB/62Sn/2Ag Vs 63Sn/37Pb

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 21:43:44 EDT 2001 | mugen

Basic understanding, 1) the 2% silver (Ag) gives better shine *joint surface*. 2) Ag improves stength & fatigue resistance of solder joints 3) reduces leech-out of silver from silver-base substrates (eg of such silver-base surface contact: metalli

Hollis PT500 system software Q.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 03:59:51 EST 2004 | KevC

Hi lads, Can anyone tell me a bit about PT500 application software? I recently had to replace the Hard drive in the host PC for our wave. I re-loaded the system software and re-configured. One thing I noticed however is in the "Calibrate T/C's" opti

SMT Rework Systems

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 11:15:41 EST 2007 | Jim

>We have looked at a few, and some use the removal time to >>calculate the placement time, which seems like a good idea. The problem with this method is that you can't develop an accurate removal/installation profile. You are removing a component a

Heller 1088 Reflow Oven Conveyor Adjust

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 18 18:37:35 EST 2001 | Dreamsniper

Hi, Forgive me for my stupidity. Has anyone moved the fixed side of the Heller's Edge hold conveyor by 50mm ? I need infos on how they did it. This is because of the high delta T that we are getting from our oven which is between 20 to 20 deg. C from

Palladium finish and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 11:22:03 EDT 2002 | robbied

Hi there. We have had an out of control reflow oven that has allowed its temperature to fluctuate by up to +/- 20 deg C from set point in very short periods of time. We found the root cause of the problem and fixed it, but by then we had already run

Quad ZCR 941 and Lead Free?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 20 10:59:18 EDT 2005 | Jason Fullerton

Extra cooling is better (Alpha recommends -3 to -7 degC/sec) for cosmetics. Less chance of s o called 'cooling lines' that look similar to 'cold' tin-lead joints. (Seems a bit steep to me - I worry about the risk of cracking ceramic caps.) Might be

Aluminum tape

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 15:27:35 EST 2006 | russ

Put this one out a little early! I just looked at the data in the Kic site and also at the other place, it is interesting how the results are different except for the high temp solder which we should have all expected. Now for my question Do we re

Limitations of top side only reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 21:27:16 EDT 2010 | deanm

We have a 4 zone Quad ZCR 531B reflow oven with top side heaters only and a mesh belt. Our boards are 2-6 layer, range in size from 2x2 to 7x15, 0402 to D2PAK. What are the limitations/drawbacks of having top side only heat, especially since about ha

Regarding choosing of correct SMD Capacitor for PCB Assembly

Electronics Forum | Sat May 09 11:01:59 EDT 2015 | alphatronique

Hi few year back i design a board for a customer then build pre-production run on my in house line ,all was good then the customer for going into production what to save few $ move to my competitor for assembly this was in late fall then in summe

Profiling board

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 12:27:53 EDT 2002 | johnw

yngwie, are you getting a wave from the customer to say it's not your fault you fried the parts? Profiling's one of those things that is a pain to dobut it's one of the most important factors in the assembly processes. I've read and seen instances w

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