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Maximum production per SMT Line

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 15:24:28 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

20in/min you have plenty of capacity.

Looking for good PIH reference material

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 09 10:45:34 EDT 2004 | davef

Start at Dan Terstegge's excellent jump site: http://www.smtinfo.net/Db/_Pin%20In%20Paste%20Soldering.html

Bubbles after coating

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 10:07:28 EDT 2018 | davef

This chart is from http://www.nordson.com/-/media/Files/Nordson/asymtek/Papers/Process%20Control%20and%20Traceability%20in%20Automated%20Conformal%20Coating.pdf?la=en

pcb machinery

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 07 09:58:41 EDT 2006 | nodlac

Davef's link is a great one. Mine pales but may be helpful... - This one is from Georgia Tech on Yield... http://www.cbar.gatech.edu/about/publications/Analysis%20of%20Factors%20that%20Affect%20Yield%20in%20SMT%20Assembly.pdf - http://www.cbar.marc

lead free platings and tin lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 19:50:44 EDT 2004 | davef

To take our turn at keeping everyone else on the straight and narrow. For more on lead contamination of no-lead solder, look here: http://www.aimsolder.com/techarticles/Lead%20Contamination%20in%20Lead-Free%20Electronics%20Assembly.pdf [We apolog

Differences between solder paste alloy SAC305 and SAC405.

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 19:47:44 EDT 2021 | emeto

"For the lead free soldering of electronic assemblies, the inclusion of silver in the alloy results in better wetting compared to non-silver containing alloys and also allows for a broader process window. Silver also improves joint reliab

Selective soldering pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 14:15:21 EST 2001 | marting

Steve, Currently we are using selective pallets and the best piece of advice is to find a supplier that will be able to handle the requirements of the selective wave process, for example proximity of chips to PIH devices, and pallet thickness etc. We

Oop's Pb BGA's in a RoHS process?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 10:15:44 EDT 2006 | samir

Again, the verdict is mixed here as well, but from the seminars, white papers, etc. the consensus seems to be that Pb BGA's are not compatible in a Pb-Free RoHS Process...but... Pb-Free SAC BGA's are compatible in a Sn-Pb process as long as your pro

Clean vs No-Clean

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 11:53:15 EDT 2008 | aqueous

Here are links to articles on that subject: Can You Clean a No-Clean Assembly? http://www.residues.com/pdfs/Circuits%20Assembly%20Articles/2003/low%20res/2003.01-Can%20You%20Clean%20a%20No-Clean%20Assembly%20-%20Circuits%20Assembly.pdf Component

Camalot 2800

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 14:47:59 EST 2003 | slthomas

Operating Parameters X Direction (left to right) 18.0 inches Y Direction (front to back) 18.0 inches Z Direction (up and down) 1.5 inches Operating Speeds Slew speed and point-to-point is 20 in./sec. Eight increments of speed control from 0.01 in./

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