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Panasert RHUII

Used SMT Equipment | THT Equipment

RHUII x 1 for sales with loader + unloader unit Running condition, come with self correciton unit Feeders 20 pcs Current  running condition Contact for details : SKYPE Nathan.jack75

H.F.T. Pte Ltd

Speedprint SP710 AVI

Speedprint SP710 AVI

Used SMT Equipment | Screen Printers

Dual Roving camera (DRc) Max Board Size 610mm x 515mm Min Board Size 45mm x 45mm Machine alignment repeatability 12.5μm @ 6 sigma 2Cpk Full Process repeatability 20μm @ 6 sigma 2Cpk X/Y PCB alignment +/- 5mm Automatic Stencil load/unload

LEL Tech

Panasonic MSR/MSH/MV2F

Used SMT Equipment | SMD Placement Machines

Stock List Brand Model Year Including FUJI CP6 1994 0.09s/pc. Nozzle 40pcs, 8x4mm Feeder 50pcs Panasert MVIIF 1997 0.1s/pc. Nozzle 24pcs,35pcs 8x4mm 15pcs Panasert MVIIF 2000 0.1s/pc. Nozzle 24pcs,25pcs of 8x4mm Double Tape Feeder Panasert MSH3 2002

Brilliance Electronic


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