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2mm 2x20 SMT header

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 17:00:44 EST 1999 | James Seagle

Does anyone have experience placing a Pinrex 2mm 2x20 SMT header. The dimensions of the part are as follows: length 40mm (1.58"), width 6mm (.236"), height 5.35mm (.211"), pitch 2mm (.079"). If so, what type of centering are you using? Any advice

pcb machinery

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 07 09:58:41 EDT 2006 | nodlac

Davef's link is a great one. Mine pales but may be helpful... - This one is from Georgia Tech on Yield... http://www.cbar.gatech.edu/about/publications/Analysis%20of%20Factors%20that%20Affect%20Yield%20in%20SMT%20Assembly.pdf - http://www.cbar.marc

Re: 2mm 2x20 SMT header

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 12 08:56:57 EST 1999 | Stefan Witte

You'll have to have a special nozzle made in order to pick the header from the feeder. The nozzle should pick the part throught the pins on the plastic body. I had once a nozzle made for the same application and placed the parts without any further a

Stencil-less printing?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 22:16:47 EST 2018 | reckless

I just saw an ad for a Yamaha IPULSE M20 SMT placement machine. Is there any other manufacturer doing this? I like removing unnecessary steps from my production line. Here is a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfwBulvV0i8


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