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Re: Component solderability problems TO263 package

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 21:25:57 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Charles: Thank you for closure. It's nice to learn the answer.

Manufacturing faults - data collection systems

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 21 21:25:59 EST 2004 | Ken

Check out Technomatix Unicam quality system. Uses bar code and computer terminal.

AC working volatge of a Capacitor

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 21:25:05 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

The approximate AC working voltage of a capicitor,comapred with it's DC rating is=

BGA No-Clean or Water Wash

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 14:21:25 EDT 2008 | realchunks

No Clean

Connector with unique leads

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 21:25:58 EST 2021 | emeto

A picture is worth 1000 words.

What caused this? - inactive

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 21:25:36 EST 2022 | jimstevens2022

<Thread deleted>

There is a big difference between SMD and SMT.

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 21:25:33 EST 2022 | stephendo

I thought SMT was supposed to be replaced by the Occam Process by now?

Re: SMT handplacements

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 21:25:23 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Alek & Ramon: What are we talking about: * Presentation: Feeders / trays / etc * Pick-up: Nozzels / grippers / etc * Reflowing paste for PTH parts Good luck Dave F


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 19:21:25 EST 2003 | Myu

I'm a user changing over from WS-609 to WS-709. WS-709 has less voiding problem and longer stencil life than WS-609. Ws-709 has a less foaming during washing process. Thanks, Myu

Asymtek vs. Camalot

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 21:25:28 EDT 2005 | Chris Griffin

I have experience with both Xyflex and Asymtek. I think the M2000 is much easier to maintain. About 30 minutes once a week to clean the valve. The dots are more consistant, also.

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