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about QP242

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 00:47:59 EST 1999 | Charley Qin

Hi, all Who has some experience on Fuji QP 242? Is that Machine durable and stable?

Re: about QP242

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 16:58:24 EST 1999 | Jeff Price

Charley, I am a Fuji Rep in the midwest. I have several customers that have these units I am sure that they would be happy to talk to you about their experiences with the QP242. Additionally I could put you in contact with the rep in your area and h

Re: about QP242

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 18 14:40:18 EST 1999 | John Queen

Hi Charley Having worked on the QP2 for some time now i have my doubts about its versatility,this machine is my opinion a cheaper alternative to the IP3,which is far more accurate and more reliable. I would advise yo

Re: about QP242

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 21 07:01:14 EST 1999 | Michael stephens

Charley, I have worked on QP242's for 1 and 1/2 years. It is a very reliable machine but like all machines, PM's are very important. When I first got to NOKIA I wasn't familiar with the QP's. Mostly IP3's, IP2's. We are placing 16 mil pitch parts

Re: Bow and Twist of PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 08:00:55 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

Hi there, I'm actually facing a lot of trouble with PCB's presenting up to 3mm of bow /twist at reception i.e. before assembly. The PCB size is 220 by 230mm. The boards are to be assembeled SMD double sides with 05.mm pitch on both sides. In orde

Re: about QP242

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 11:33:30 EST 1999 | Brian E. Steelglove

Charley, I dont know what you define as durable but the one thing that I know about the QP 242 made by Fuji is that its slow and a very clumsy machine. The QP 242 is what Fuji calls there modular concept machine. I dont know about you but when I hea

Re: BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 12:33:37 EST 2001 | Terry Burnette

John, There is one process issue that occurs with the larger BGA packages which have coplanarity near the high end of the .2mm spec.. The defect is commonly referred to as "ball in cup" and "head in pillow". It is an open solder connection whereby th

Requesting thermo-elastic Epoxy/E-glass laminate/prepreg materia

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 06:17:45 EDT 2014 | julianf

As stated in the title I would like to know the thermo-elastic material properties, most preferably the E-modulus and CTE in x- and y-direction, for Epoxy/E-glass laminates and/or prepregs for various fibreglass cloth styles. Datasheets only give ro

Re: IPC 4101

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 20:20:30 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

We have recently had problems with bare boards coming in too thick. I would like to know how to properly specify the minimum and maximum thickness using the 13949F and IPC 4101 specs. (We currently use "MATERIAL: GFN 0620 C1/C1 A2A per MIL - P - 13

Re: FR4 vs Polyamide

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 15 15:33:47 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

Any info on the pros and cons of FR4 or Polyamide ref the use of soldering PGAs would be helpful. ie. temp co-efficient diffs, baking, wave soldering, Convection reflow etc I'm sure you know all the basic differences as Tg, X, Y, and Z expansi

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