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Re: Heat Sinks

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 10:50:14 EST 2000 | Charles Harper

Thermagon,Inc,in Cleveland,OH has a product line of high thermal conductivity circuit boards which you should investigate.Check www.thermagon.com and/or call Paul Klouda at 216-939-2310.The 216 area code might have changed to 440.

Connector leads plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 09:41:26 EST 2002 | davef

I'd guess that you need to sit at your current 216-218*C peak for that 5 to 10 seconds that I mentioned earlier. Increasing your peak is the easiest way to do that, as you say.

PCB Support in Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 10:30:18 EST 2008 | swag

We build all our own stuff now but in the past we have bought some SMT pallets through Midwest Circuit Products (216) 662-1548. They were fast and did a nice job.


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 15:34:59 EDT 2008 | jeffjarmato

Thanks Bob, My email is jarmato@nbscorp.com My mobile phone is 951-216-5060

Machines for dummies

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 13:24:52 EST 2001 | Stefan Witte

I have a hard time reading ( and understanding ) the manuals of several different machines, I am exposed to. I wonder if this web site could help me in the task to collect short versions of machine manuals, written by machine operators, for the Fuji'

Re: Contract Assembly Houses

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 09:47:09 EDT 1999 | zihni liman

| Can anyone suggest a place on the web, or a publication that lists all PCB assembly houses? It would be great if it has a decent amount of information on each, name, address, phone, etc? | | I am aware of The Electronic Sourcebook already but am

Connector leads plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 10 19:30:49 EST 2002 | Vijay

Hi Dave, The peak temp on the leads is 216-218 Deg C and duration above MP (179 degC) is 55-60 sec. Alloy(solder paste) used 62 Sn,36 Pb 2Ag (Alpha WS 609 Ty 3 Water eash) This is a SMT connector wth Gulwing leads Gold plating on the PCB is 2-5 micr

Gold Flash with QFN28 problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 08:38:58 EST 2006 | Dan

We have this panel that is Gold Flash. Am I correct in assuming this is technically a lead-free panel then? We are running a WS paste, and the QFN28 has balls of solder instead of a fillet. My Max temp is 216, and the TAL was between 52-57 secs with

Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 22:10:29 EST 2012 | doncattoni

Hello Austin, Sorry for the delayed response. There are different types of cures for conformal coating such as RTV which stands for Room Temperature Vulcanising which means they are cured by the humidity in the air. This type of cure does not need

LED lifted soldering defect

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 08:15:55 EST 2019 | proceng1

You have a peak of 216 and roughly 40 seconds TAL. So you are right in the middle of the given ranges. So there's room to get things a little hotter and for a little longer. I am surprised you are having this trouble with TIN/ LEAD, as the process

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