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profile ramp starts in??

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 15:45:03 EST 2006 | campos

thats the point: paste SMQ230 indium suggest a ramp between 0.5 a 1.0 degree,,but what ramp?? from 50 to 217 ,, 100 to 217,,,any idea?? i m using a ramp with .8 degree considering 50 a 217,,is teha correct????....thanks.

Lead-Free BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 10:44:09 EDT 2007 | bjrap3

What would a good ramp rate be. I am running from 205-217C in 17 seconds. My reflow is 217-235 for 68 seconds. The bottom preheaters are set at 200C and the nozzle is 2075 & 295 for each process respectively.

SMT voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 13:39:29 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

Wait a minute...Your peak temps are PbFree like. Why is your profiler looking at time above 183 ? What is the time above 217 ? I thought we were looking at time above 217 not 183.

BGA Reflow Profile

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 02 04:34:35 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi all, Thanks for the replies so far. To make things clearer. BGA is 35mm square. Leading edge of BGA hits 217 and then trailing edge hits 217 5 seconds later. So leading edge is reflowing when the trailing end is not. Coming out of the reflow


Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 21:09:53 EST 2003 | Doug Loberg

I am the rep in Minnesota. Contact Hugh Ollech at: hughollech@aol.com or 217-529-5735 for information.

Bad solder joints

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 14:35:11 EDT 2009 | floydf

We wound up using a ramp to spike profile with 50 sec. between 150C and 217C and 90 sec. above 217C. The idea being the flux is still active when it hits reflow, and it stays in reflow long enough for the weird alloy in the parts lead to wet. All par

Lead-free BGA in Tin/Lead Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 17:50:00 EDT 2010 | jamyboy

IBM Intel motorola did exhaustive studies on this and found that the best thing to do is (as others pointed out) the PBfree BGA reaches 217 minimum and the time above 217 must be extended to allow mixing of the 2 alloys. See attached a little diddy

Lead free profile

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 27 17:06:18 EST 2005 | Darby

This is the profile we came up with on a 1500 to satisfy the parameters suggested by Indium. This was on an FR4 1mm thick 4 layer pcb that I would descrbe as medium density, QFP, SOP, AL-CAP, TANTS, D-PAK, MINI SPRING COIL, SOT and CHIPS were all use

Solder Profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 06:41:22 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi All, I understand that reflow Profiles are Product dependant but I would like to compare my profiles to what others are doing. Any input is greatly appreciated. I have a 5 zone Oven + 2 cooling Zones. ( Leadfree) If I could get some answers to

Solder not reflowing properly

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 28 18:48:49 EDT 2008 | markhoch

You're using a SAC305 chemistry? Double check your liquidus temp! Your profile shows a liquidus temp of 217 degrees C. SAC305 is not eutectic. (It doesn't transition from paste to liquid instantly). It goes thru a "pasty" stage. We use a temp of 221

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