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Flux residue cause high false reject at ICT

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 18:26:28 EST 2006 | sjlevin@ix.netcom.com

We use a solvent called AK-225ATE (there is also AK-225T) that works great for removing RMA flux residue and no-clean flux residue. Info at http://www.AK-225.com

Lead Free Delta T (reflow 7 zones)

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 12:03:51 EST 2006 | Wave Master Larry

Well Im more of a wave guy but we had an employee in the engineering department, he's left the company but he used these setpoints on the ovens in ai. 180, 170, 170, 190, 200, 225, 225 I heard they worke pretty well at those deltas

Re: Consumables

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 12:51:06 EST 2001 | charlie

We use COM-KYL 800-538-1578, Tina McManus is our rep in N.E.

oven profile

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 09:51:42 EST 2009 | rajeshwara

try less soak 130 to 225 for lead free : 70-80 sec

SAC solder balls reflow with Sn/Pb paste - Voids Issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 16:14:17 EDT 2006 | inds

what is your peak temp.. if you try to go too high say 225-230 deg C there is a fair chance of seeing voids.. depending on your ball size and paste volume you can get a good collapse at temps below 225deg C...

Peak Temperature

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 19 08:48:32 EDT 2006 | stepheniii

Time is also a factor, usually. IIRC almost everytime I"ve seen a max temp rating it also included time. ex. 225C for 20 seconds. If a part can take 300C but the spec sheet says 220C and you take it to 225C, it doesn't matter if the heat made the pa

Asahi Viromet Lead Free Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 19:27:48 EST 2007 | Wayne

Yes, I am currently using Viromet 347 at the moment for my SMT lines. 100-150, 35 sec 150-207, 40 sec 207-above, 80 sec peak temp: 225 deg C. It is compatible to SAC paste in term of solderability and wettability. But in term of mechanical property (

Re: Popcorn effect with PBGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 09:45:45 EDT 2000 | emmanuel

Hi Kc, As recommended by the PBGA supplier, the temperature of the package surface should not exceed 225�C during 10 seconds max so as to avoid popcorn effect. Given that some of products reflow profils are specifiing reflow temperature at 250�C,

reflo oven settings

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 15 17:13:21 EST 2006 | Wave Master Larry

Listen.I posted this same message on a diffrent thread but got no repsonse. Here's what im wondering Im more of a wave guy but we had a good employee in the engineering department, he's left the company but he used these setpoints on the ovens in a

Intrusive reflow component selection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 09:23:47 EDT 2006 | Rob

Hi Dougs, Info as follows: TAICOM TSD42: Matte Tin, 240C for 5 secs TAICOM TSD08: Matte Tin, 225/3 secs (I wouldn't!) TAICOM TKB06MSL: Matte Tin 260/40 secs (TBC) HARTING 09232486824: Harting don't supply. TAICOM TI40BHS: Matte Tin, 225/3 secs (I

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