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Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 11:11:49 EDT 2008 | lon_sanders

The cable required for the Thinline has to work as a true RS232 interface as the unit uses all the capabilities of RS232. You will have several problems with substitutes. These cables (part number e00-2787-26) are still avaliable from ECD, the home o

Socket RS232 Modem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 17 09:59:04 EDT 2004 | Sorin

I badly need a socket RS232 Modem, I couldn't find a supplier to deliver the sampels earlier than 2 weeks. Thank you for any iformantion.


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 23:37:31 EDT 2012 | mdang

How does CP642, CP642 talking to the flexa or MCS system? RS-232 or ethernet? Can they communicate using RS-232? Thanks, -Michael


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 15:57:44 EDT 2012 | ngotranbestek

Hi Michel CP642 ont interface with RS-232. All machine CP6 or IP3,..will connect to DigiBox ( RS232 Port)and connnect to Computer have Sofware Flexa.

Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 13:40:37 EDT 2008 | flipit

If you know a little about electronics, you can probably figure it out. Or just buy one from Mole. Do you have software? More than likely you will have receive, ground, and transmit. Open up the Mole if you can and look for the RS232 chips(Max232

Standarts in production line

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 23:05:19 EST 2005 | pmd

Software driven RS-232 interface. machines must have compatable software.

Mydata TP11

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 30 12:10:28 EDT 2005 | vikkaraja

Firmware version is 2.3.2d.

MPA 80 dip switches: Where are they ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 13:44:16 EST 2006 | yiannis

hi, Can anyone tell me there are the switches that configure the RS232 communication with computer ? thnks

Data acquisition through USB

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 01:12:02 EST 2015 | shruthils

Hi.. How to get the header files or protocols of FT232R UART chip??

Unclear point about the connections on PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 11:14:05 EST 2023 | compit

This is "full" RS-232 port:

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