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Accuracy of placement +/-100um @ 5 sigma

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 12:10:20 EST 2003 | frank

Well, let me take a shot... +/-100um = 0.1mm 5 sigma = is the number of acceptable defects (or placements outside of that accuracy (or tolerance). I believe 5 sigma is 233 defects out of 1 million, but I could be wrong on that. So basically all pl

Dimensions of waffel trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 12:22:05 EST 2000 | charlie

Where is the best place to get exact dimensions for waffel trays? The trays themselves give the support dimensions n each pocket, but as you know, having the exact pitch makes it quicker to program a tray,by eliminating the measuring and estimating o

Re: Dimensions of waffel trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 16:31:37 EST 2000 | Dason C

Charlie, please check Jedec Publication 95, you may found the information which you want. FYI, http://www.jedec.org/DOWNLOAD/pub95/ Rgds. Dason.

Searching for a tape to seal the end of smd role after using

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 23:13:46 EST 2020 | isd_jwendell

I have been using 3M (Scotch) 233+ (6mm or 3mm width)

Re: Dimensions of waffel trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 21:16:51 EST 2000 | Dave F

Expanding on Dason's suggestion ... 4 Waffle Tray Size 4a www.jedec.org/download/default.htm search for "registered microelectronic carrier". 4b JEDEC Publication 95, under the CO- and CS- standards. 4c Tray manufacturers [ie, Peak, Summit, Nepenthe

Re: Adhesive

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 10:11:26 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

| Does anyone know where I can find the supplier of an adhesive RTV5204. | Don't know for sure but General Electric silicone rubber adhesives are prefixed with "RTV" Try GE silicones at 518/233-3330 (might be an old area code) or distributor R.S. H

Foam Fluxer - Porous Cylinder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 17 15:47:51 EDT 2004 | davef

Tim: We haven't bought a stone in years, but we'd start with our wave solder equipment manufacturer. Then, we'd try: * Metallic Resources, Inc.; 2116 Enterprise Parkway; Twinsburg, OH 44087; (330) 425-3155 (fax) (330) 425-2180; Stanley Rothschild

how to achieve 500ppm?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 10:38:53 EDT 2005 | Stefan

500 rejected (?) per million placed components is a very good rate, considered that it would be better than 4 Sigma if you name it defects on the board. Or do I incorrectly convert ppm to dpm? * 3 Sigma 66,800 defects per one million opportuniti

Interpretation for IPC 600H for Clause 3.3.2 (Lifted Land - Cross Sectioned)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 02:22:52 EDT 2014 | jkhiew

We found repeated pad lifted after different SMT Reflow temperature (eg: 243 deg C and 233 deg C) at an isolated slot. The PCB Supplier had claimed that such condition is acceptable as per IPC 600H Clause 3.3.2 (Cross Sections) - eg: Acceptable - C


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 10:09:36 EST 2002 | davef

�get rich quick promotions�. Unfortunately, they are not aimed at getting YOU rich quick, which is your assumption, they are aimed at getting the promoter rich quick. These are aimed at people that are too lazy and stupid to do their own work. And

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