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Immersion tin process

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 15:58:49 EST 2000 | Josue Jacquez

Hi Guys! I'm looking for information regarding the Tin immersion process. Is somebody there with such info? Could you send me or explain me the process? I'll appreciate your help.

simple doubt about reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 13:16:35 EST 2007 | CK the Flip Guy

Looks good at first glance. Couple of questions, though: Time Above _____. Fill in the blank. Is Liquidous 183C (Tin-Lead) or 217C to 220C (Lead Free)? The "soak" of 150-190, at 0.6*C per second ramp up looks good, weather it's lead or lead-free

simple doubt about reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 13:01:09 EST 2007 | campos

Hi all,, I running SMQ230 solder paste with a time above = 40sec with peak temperature = 239 degrees .. the complete reflow takes almost 6 min with a slope (150to190) close to .60 degrees/sec .. may I have some concern about that or it's ok?? tks..

simple doubt about reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 13:15:14 EST 2007 | realchunks

Does this meet the SMQ230 recommended time above liquidous? Do you have any parts that cannot withstand 239 degress C? If meet SMQ230's recommended time and temps and your parts are rated for this temp, then you should be OK. The real proof is ref

Siemens: Siplace Users Group

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 16:18:36 EDT 1998 | Bill West

I am looking to start regular communications between all users of Siplace. If you are interested, please E me at bwest@paramit.com. Please include: Name: Company Name: Complete Address: Phone: Fax: Siemens equipment: Bill West Manufacturing Engineeri

What is the best soldering gun?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 13:24:45 EDT 2019 | pace_worldwide

Unlike Solderpro, I'll admit I'm just a bit biased towards PACE's new ADS200 High Powered Professional Soldering Station. Up to 120 Watts of pure power in an inexpensive, all metal package ($239 in the US), as powerful as a Metcal, JBC and Hakko, yet

Viking Wafer Map Format

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 23:56:21 EST 2020 | stevedb321

I was recently asked to convert some industry standard wafer map formats into a format known as <b>Viking</b> (files have extension .vik) Samples show this to be a <u>binary</u> file which we have partially reverse engineered

Re: PCB fab supplier supplier/evaluation

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 08 11:15:32 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| | Mike, | | | | Got your message and those of others concerning PCB fab supplier evaluation and qualification check lists, etc. I have a severe problem here in WI as I can hardly access the internet, and when I do it is cut off abruptly for no goo

Re: Marking Codes

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 14:37:18 EST 1999 | Dave f

| I would like to know if it exist a croos reference book for marking code on smt device? | I'm fixing a unit now and try to know what are the following devices: | The look like transistors and are mark like that "8A" |


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