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DEK 248 CE Manuals

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 30 07:51:01 EDT 2009 | jen1724

I just purchased a used 2000 DEK 248 CE and I am looking for manuals, can anyone help me on this? Thanks

Dek 248 Install Time

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 19:00:34 EDT 2012 | aex

Weird question, but I need it for a claim. About how long does it take to assemble, plug in the power and dry cycle a DEK 248 with vision. I'm saying 90 minutes to two hours tops. Additional opinions would be greatly appreciated.

DEK 248 squeegee error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 23:08:41 EST 2013 | dekhead

Squeegee error on a 248 is strictly that sensor (reed SW) on corresponding (Front / rear) squeegee cylinder is not seeing a change in state... Either a physical obstruction preventing cylinder from exending fully - OR- if it is extending fully, then

DEK 248 Board Fixation

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 15:28:41 EDT 2014 | globalpowerproducts

I have a 1997 DEK 248 screen printer that does not have the magnetic suction cups. Any thought on where i can find these or suggestions on how to secure the board on the table?

DEK 248 squeegee error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 10:23:32 EST 2013 | vincent_qms

Hello, we have a DEK 248 just acted up with the squeegee orror. unit powered up initiated and when throght setup a job fine but when we started printing, the back squeegee came down, touched the stencil, stay for about 5 second then came back up with

DEK 248 squeegee error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 13:10:58 EST 2013 | markhoch

I had this problem once a loooooooong time ago with a 248 that was at my previous place of employment. If I remember correctly, my issue was caused by a set screw on the drive gear that had worked itself loose. My issue was stright forward and quickl

Dek 248 Install Time

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 23:18:15 EDT 2012 | dekhead

Depends on to what degree it has been disassembled; How much verification of repeatability is required; and if everything actually works... 2 hour - 2 days.

DEK 248 Board Fixation

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 21:28:33 EDT 2014 | dekhead

Not something that pops up on used market much; but still available from DEK. P/N: 002070 I think ~$200 for a set of 4 DEKHEAD www.dekhead.com

DEK 248 squeegee error

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 21:52:06 EST 2013 | nikyta

Most likely it is a faulty cable in the e-chain . You can test it in diagnostic: lower the back squeege and manually move back and forth for its entire travel the print carriage while monitoring the sensor output of the squeege. You will see at some

Ekra E1 or Dek 248

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 08:01:22 EST 2005 | dismon

I'm thinking about purchasing a new screen printer, and I have to choose between Ekra E1 and Dek 248. Could anyone help me? Which one is better? Which are pros an cons of them? Thank you

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