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Suzuki 1200 Pick&Place

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 24 08:17:06 EDT 2006 | nodlac

Northeast Machines- For a machine that is 16 years old the best thing to do is contact Suzuki direct. I asume it is a TAB Machine. I know most of the time people hate to be refered back to the OEM but in this case it is best. www.suzukinet.co.jp For

Re: N2 vs. Air Reflow Soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 09:55:54 EST 2000 | CAL

Dave- Follow this link to our November empfasis. In the empfasis there is an article on N2. http://www.empf.org/html/November%202000%20empfasis.pdf Cal

Re: N2 vs. Air Reflow Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 01:08:28 EST 2000 | Bentzen

Check out my article about reflow soldering in nitrogen atmosphere on www.smtinfocus.com Hopefully you will find some answers and more detailes on my web-site.

Chip Cap Specs

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 17:34:55 EDT 2000 | Chris

Can someone explain what ageing means in terms of chip caps. Capacitor vendors state 7% per decade hour or 2-5-1 per decade hour. What does this mean? I think capacitor values lower over time but what is a decade hour. Thanks, Chris

Visual Fail / No Pick

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 07:19:20 EDT 2003 | stefwitt

You did not tell us which brand machines you are using. I do assume that you mean the feeder position recognition of the Siemens machine. Did you ever re-teach the fiducial # 250 and 251? Can you narrow your problem down to some particular feeders?

Pre-bake of Polyimide flex ? ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 21:14:53 EST 2004 | davef

IPC-FA-251 recommends 121*C for 30-60 minutes for 1 and 2 flex layer circuits. A rigid flex can take easily an hour per layer depending on the construction.

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 17:08:32 EST 2005 | 1startical

Dear Dave, Hope that you find good help for your issue. I have read through your thread and see that you're stressing out over a financial vs long term benefits, I would like to present some numbers to you. $75-$175 per hour for a "Quad expert" sup

Re: N2 vs. Air Reflow Soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 11:45:38 EST 2000 | DaveJ

All, Thanks for your quick response. However, my primary concern is not the question of solderability advantages of nitrogen versus air. With all things (zone temps, track speeds, flow rates, etc.) being equal, what would be the profile differences o

Re: N2 vs. Air Reflow Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 20:13:02 EST 2000 | Brad Kendall

I used to switch my N2 on and off for different products and I had performed profiles on the products with and without the N2 on and there was not a difference in the profiles. So you should not have to adjust your profiles. I think everyone else c

Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 23:48:02 EDT 2012 | mspcb

Hi, Since you're looking information about flexible printed circuits,a book entitled "Printed Circuit Boards R. S. Khandpur" could give you lot of information about flex circuits from Design, Fabrication, and Assembly Phase. The book contains compr

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