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Alternative tin-lead solder pastes to minimize poor wetting on o

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 10:00:38 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

I am a big fan of AIM SnPb solder paste. I currently use NC257-2 (no-clean, 89.5%), and recommend you include it in your evaluations.

01005 components and reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 21:09:29 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

I haven't worked with anything as small as 01005s, but something you didn't mention is the %metal of your paste. I just switch from 90% to 89.5% (AIM NC257-2) and could tell the difference. Just an idea...

Lead Free Solder Paste Evaluation

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 10:08:56 EDT 2009 | waveroom

Sorry for the delay. We are actually pretty busy over here. We have found the Aim 257-2 no-clean sac305 paste offers very little if any voiding and better wetting in lead free terminated devices. My suggestion is contact your local Aim distributor fo

Lead Free Solder Paste Evaluation

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 09:39:07 EDT 2009 | rkevin

I received my sample jar of NC257-2 SAC305 from Aim, and while that may have been true about older Aim paste formulations, this stuff prints and reflows better than anything I have tried and more importantly there were practically no voids on a 256 B

Solder bridges on TQFP 100 part

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 01:41:27 EDT 2019 | orbitcoms

Hi I am having trouble getting solder bridges on TQFP-100 (0.5mm pitch) components. The boards are pasted on semi-auto printer using laser-cut 0.12mm stencil and SN63 NC257-2 T4 paste. The components are placed using Samsung CP40LV and tghen reflow

Lead Free Solder Paste Evaluation

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 22 22:51:42 EDT 2009 | rkevin

I was using Indium 8.9 HF and AIM 257-2 was far superior in reducing voids. Just wait till you have a problem, if you have less than 10 lines running 24/7 don't expect a call back from Indium's Tech Support. It's been a couple weeks since we swithed

Reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 11:17:38 EDT 2012 | garym4569

We have been having a solder paste reflow issue which results in the solder not wetting to the LED lead. The solder appears to create "puddles" on the pcb pad. I have attached AOI image for review. We have had the pads analyzed for contamination, w

Incomplete reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 18:16:43 EDT 2014 | garym4569

We are in the process of launching a new product and found reflow solder issue with one of the inductors. I have set oven profile to paste specifications. I just finished profiling with thermocouple under problem component. All other components ex

63/37 Solder Paste mix

Electronics Forum | Sun May 13 02:08:26 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

In testing 63/37 SnPb NC paste I have seen HUGE differences in performance. Have you tried a different paste? I prefer AIM (NC257-2), they have performed well in each round of testing. My observations regarding mixing old and new paste: The paste ha


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