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lead free soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 17:31:41 EST 2000 | Larry C.Dyck

i am looking for info on lead free solder screen printing

Re: lead free soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 22:47:54 EST 2000 | CAL

Contact Lee Whiteman @ ACI/empf. Lee is an industry expert in Leadfree soldering. He has also ran an IPC leadfree work shop involving a DOE on Leadfree Screen Printing. Lee can be reached at lwhiteman@aci-corp.org or 610-362-1200. Best regards, Cal

Trimmer placement.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 12:44:21 EDT 2000 | Ketan Bhatt

We have difficulty in placing a trimmer capacitor chip using our Philips CSM 84 VIII pick and place machine. This Trimmer capacitor is supplied by Murata and its partno is TZBX4P300BA110T00 and value is 4.7~30 pf. While trying to place the componen

Re: lead free soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 20:41:35 EST 2000 | Roland

Larry, SMTnet.com did an Onboard Forum regarding lead free solder. The link : http://www.smtnet.com/onboard/get_forum.cfm?session_id=4& Also, I did a search of the SMTnet forum (left side of most pages-please be patient it takes a moment) using th

Re: PCB laminate dielectric absorption

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 20:42:57 EST 2000 | Dave F

Material Dk @ 1GHz tan d @ 1GHz Difunctional 4.40 0.020 Multifunctional 4.43 0.018 Polyimide 4.06 0.006 Cyanate ester 3.65 0.005 Bismaleimide triazine 2.94 0.011 PPO-epoxy 3.85 0.012 PTFE-glass 2.60 0.001 PTFE-mat-CE 2.79 0.003 PTFE-ceramic 4.06 0.00

PCB\PWB Silkscreen Removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 21:08:13 EST 2001 | davef

Here ya go ... * K & F Electronics, 33041 Groesbeck Hwy, Fraser, MI, 48026-1514, 1-810-294-8720, 1-810-294-5999, circuits@ix.netcom.com, http://www.circuitboards.com, Richard Kincaid * Hallenbeck, Saturn Electronics [and] Engineering, Inc., 255 Rex

L type conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 10 11:32:04 EDT 2005 | davef

Conveyor equipment suppliers are: * FlexLink Systems, Inc.; 6580 Snowdrift Rd; Allentown PA 18106; 610 973-8230 F 610-973-8345 http://www.flexlink.com * JOT Automation Inc.; 1201 S. Beltline Rd.; Coppell TX 75019; 972 393-5564 Fax 972-745-9013 http:

Tracks for Automatic Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu May 03 11:06:40 EDT 2007 | davef

Sami: Do you seek contacts for conveyor suppliers or what? Equipment Conveyor Bosch http://www.boschrexroth-us.com/country_units/america/united_states/en/index.jsp Equipment Conveyor FlexLink Systems, Inc. 6580 Snowdrift Rd Allentown PA 18106 610-

Ceramic PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 08:34:00 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

CERAMIC CIRCUITRY Starting with hybrid thick film circuits in 1965 at Sperry Flight Systems, I have been involved with ceramics (usually aluminum oxide) as the substrate material. Then, we developed "multilayer" circuitry (replacing "cordwood" module

Re: Ceramic PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 08:30:44 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

| Happy Holidays All, | I am searching out a vendor (US preferred) who can fabricate a ceramic PCb with etremely fine lines. | Please reply if you are a vendor, or know of one. | Thanks, | Wendy CERAMIC CIRCUITRY Starting with hybrid thick film circ

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