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BGA shorts

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 16:45:01 EST 2001 | Antonio

I'm sorry, I should clarify. The average is one out of six boards. It's not consistant as to how many are good before a really bad one. Sometimes two in a row, sometimes ten. Right now we are wiping every 2 boards. Antonio

SOT 23 not reflowing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 07:44:48 EST 2004 | Chris Cottreau

Upon inspection were seeing most if not all of these SOT 23 are not reflowed properly. The components just sit on top of the solder, this is creating insufficients, poor wetting, etc. There are about 25 SOTS per board, 2 boards per panel creating alo

V-scoring design and equipment questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 14:33:40 EDT 2006 | pjc

IPC spec is V-score shall not be more than 1/2 board thickness. They should be V scoring 1/4 off top and 1/4 off bottom equally.

FM receiver

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 12 07:48:45 EDT 2007 | Rob

Hi Himanshu, if you go to http://www.icmaster.com and type in CXA1619M, you will get the full data sheet, which includes 2 applications circuits and 2 board layouts. Please note that this is an old product. Good luck, Kind regards, Rob.


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 23 09:22:16 EST 2016 | hloranzo

on the quad Qsv1 plus the z1 board has a amber light not green ,,, swap the z2 board and still amber light help please


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 23 10:02:57 EST 2016 | hloranzo

on the quad Qsv1 plus the z1 board has a amber light not green ,,, swap the z2 board and still amber light help please gantry Z1 movement failure

MYDATA HYDRA Z/156 error on Hardware Intialization.

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 14:32:21 EST 2020 | bk

The mot mi board is the first board but it is two boards tied together so you need to undo the screws on the first 2 boards on the left.

IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 11:05:13 EST 2021 | greezmky

Thank you rtmitchell, being unfamiliar with the system, I missed that the end is slightly nicked. I pulled a dog out of a machine that has been cannibalized, I verified that it was straight and not nicked, and installed it in our production line mach

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 10:00:19 EDT 2002 | brianockert

I'd tend to agree with what the others have said. Check the basics, board supports, setup, wiper paper working correctly. If it's a humidity issue, try taking some paste, place it on a chem wipe, and roll it around a bit, which removes some of the mo

board schematics for Samsung CP30 to 33 / Quad QSA30

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 15:00:08 EDT 2020 | jmelson

That's a rev 1 board, my machine has a rev 2. I have no idea if they are interchangeable. So, I bought a Rev 2 board from Korea. But, I'm flying pretty blind on this. I have traced the ready button signal to a microprocessor pin on the IO_DPRAM bo

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