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MPM Momentum 2d Inspection questions

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 13:58:06 EST 2018 | griinder

We are using Gerber EZ Teach to inspect near 100% of some boards. Many component footprints seem to be assigned custom packages. These custom packages come up as "preview errors" during inspection. I have noticed when I manually move the camera to th

MPM Momentum 2d Inspection questions

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 01:48:26 EST 2018 | aemery

Unfortunately Gerber EZ is probably the one thing I know very little about. As an FSE with Speedline I only had one client at that time that was using it and an application engineer came in and helped them with it. Sorry I can't give a direct answer

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 08:05:47 EDT 2003 | pjc

What 2D inspection? Solder Paste deposition perhaps? Transmission X-ray?

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 06:56:11 EDT 2003 | emeto

Hi, I am interested in 2D inspection system.Principle work important parameters,requirements etc.If anyone can help please reply.Any articles,pdf,url or books?Any place I can read about it?

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 10:50:43 EDT 2003 | emeto

Pete I'm not very informed about it but from the things I red today - 2D inspection : solder component solder joints x-ray and what ever type exsist.

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 15 08:38:23 EDT 2003 | pjc

Don't have any specific links to papers and articles. Try searching on the IPC.org (plus APEX show http://www.goapex.org) and SMTA.org web sites. Any papers and articles on the process from equipment mfg.'s should be taken with a grain of salt. Sold

Re: inspection methods

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 12 10:23:18 EDT 1999 | Dean

| How are you inspecting pcbs post-reflow, are you inspecting all or sampling. The type of assembly involved would be mainly chip components with a mix of actives and a few 25mil and under pitch. | If you sample what are your fault rates looking lik

AOI for solder inspection

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 08 10:22:52 EST 2009 | doremi

Hi everybody, First of all, to have process under 100% control you should have AOI after every active process in the pcb assembly line : - Post printing (2D or 3D Solder paste inspection machine); - Post reflow; - Post selective(wave solder). It i

AOI for solder inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 00:11:11 EST 2009 | shinseimy

Hi, You might be can consider try our brand AOI checker. We are the manufacturer the AOI which located at Malaysia. The programming is very easy to use, and effective on the speed. Furthermore, 2D barcode reader, NG marking included. If you are inte

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 10:47:29 EDT 2003 | Eric QE

Caltex or Ersa type system is good, Caltex prisms, necessary for looking underneath the BGA can be crashed easily when looking under low profile or Micros. $40-$110 each depending on the availability and who makes 'em. We have 2D and 3D X-ray avai

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