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Re: Question on ANSI/ESD-S20.20-1999

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 20:43:22 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Ashok: Hey guy ... snow starting to melt yet? Keeping process insultaors with a charge of over 2kv a foot from ESDS items seems reasonable. The HBM assumes contact with the item, so it should have a lower potential. You should double check with E

ESD safe wash basket liner/cover

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 10:59:09 EST 2010 | sumote

I am having some trouble finding an ESD safe wash basket liner. The trouble isn't finding someone who sells a product, the problem is all 3 products I have evaluated fail testing. All 3 were generators in excess of 2kv with 1 hitting over 4kv! This i


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