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GSM Discrete I/O Address List

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 12:49:38 EST 2016 | ttheis

The machine is running UPS 3.2.2c on OS/2 2.1.

5% color spot in HIC

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 17 00:10:32 EDT 2012 | amitsindwani

Referring to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 section 'The amount of desiccant used, per moisture barrier bag, shall be based on the bag surface area and WVTR in order to limit the interior relative humidity in the MBB to less than 10% at 25°C.' So wha

Noisy LCD monitors on GSM1

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 19 21:34:09 EST 2015 | ttheis

We just powered up a used GSM1 for the first time and it seems to boot and initalize ok. It is running UPS 3.2.2c. The first thing we noticed upon initial power up is that there is a lot of 'noise' on the monitors. Is this normal due to being designe

Noisy LCD monitors on GSM1

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 22 18:03:38 EST 2015 | ttheis

Hi Deni- Thanks for the reply. I'll try to figure out what vision system is on it. I know it has two 5.3mil cameras front and back, UPS 3.2.2c os/2. Where do I determine the type of vision system; in the computer or harware spec plate?

Universal GSM1 Axis Head 1 Z Time Out Error

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 10:58:56 EDT 2016 | ttheis

I'm not sure- I'll check that. The machine is running ups version 3.2.2c. Previously I just went into the order list and selected to move the component in the list, put it at the end before the repair step and added an end block step after the compon

Fine pitch paste release problems.

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 13:10:49 EST 2002 | gramsey

Really? Where does it say that? I have had the opposite experience and 3.2.2 from the IPC-7525 states for square or rectangular apertures - "Having a radiused corner for all apertures can promote stencil cleaning". It actually recommends circular ape

IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D - Desiccant Quantity Calculation

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 21:03:57 EST 2021 | djenkins62

Hello Everyone In Board World, Looking for some discussion on calculating how long moisture sentive boards can be stored on shelves with forum in Desiccant Quantity Calculation When the desiccant capacity at 10% RH and 25 °C is known, th

Re: Printed Circuit Board Material

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 18 16:41:35 EDT 2000 | Dave F

It's unrealistic to think that two materials with the following disperant properties would have the same reflow profile. From http://www.norplex.com/Carrier.htm Physical Properties / NEMA FR-4 / NEMA CEM-1 Glass transition temperature �C / 130 / 10

Storing parts in Mcdry. Can parts stay in bags?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 05:40:16 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good day, J-STD-033A: Moisture Sensitivity Levels 5-5a For moisture sensitivity Levels 5 and 5a with floor life exposure not greater than 8 hours, a minimum desiccating period of 10X the exposure time is required to dry the SMD packages en

Baking components at 70 degree

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 19 20:42:55 EST 2007 | davef

gersla: You're correct that carriers of low temperature material will disfigure and become useless at 125*C bake temperatures. The reason you can not find 70*C bake data is: J-STD033B, "4.2.2 Low Temperature Carriers. SMD packages shipped in low tem

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