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Re: market data

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 17 09:51:31 EDT 2000 | fborgnon

Hello ! I am also looking for similar information. Total market in the world is for SMT machines $3,9billion in 99 expected 8,41 billion in 2006. Do you have any information on how many machines produces that represent and the share for USA, Asia a

Lead-Free SMD repair

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 05:04:10 EDT 2005 | siverts

Sorry for my blackout, but here it comes: Solder paste: Senju 7100-GRN360-K1MK-VS Sn 95.5 Ag 3.9 Cu 0.6 Solder wire: Kester 24-7040-8834 Sn 96.5 Ag3.5 Regards,

SMT component handling

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 07:37:22 EDT 2007 | davef

IPC-A-610D 3 Handling Electronic Assemblies 3-1 3.1 EOS/ESD Prevention 3-2 3.1.1 Electrical Overstress (EOS) 3-3 3.1.2 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) 3-4 3.1.3 Warning Labels 3-5 3.1.4 Protective Materials 3-6 3.2 EOS/ESD Safe Workstation/EPA 3-7 3.3

Thermal Profiler Batteries

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 04:30:04 EST 2006 | rlackey

Alternatively you could treat yourself to a $10 NiMH PP3 9V battery & $15 charger for your Kic and also engage in some weekend tree hugging. Both utilising the same chemistry, they should have a comparable number of charge cycles....at approximately

Thermal Profilers

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 29 09:41:52 EST 2008 | d0min0

Hello, we use DataPAQ 6 slots - but after tech guys finally killed their profiler on wave its theirs now last year we used SolderStar neptune, 3-9 slots, but it is too easy to destroy it (4 times in repair...) so finally I started to use SlimKIC 2

Re: Wave Soldering SMT IC

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 01:42:34 EDT 2000 | Peter Carry

Dave, That's the funny thing, thru all that the output was pretty consistant with at least one bridge per board. * The ICs are going thru the wave in-line, according to IPC-782 figure 3-9, "Preferred IC Orientation". * Flatness of second wave is cont

Solder Robbing Pads

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 13:30:42 EDT 2002 | Jeff Park

Folks, I am interested in learning more about solder robbing pads to help and avoid bridging for wave solder applications. I have heard of a few companys that use this process in their design but have not seen any documents for design rules etc.

lead-free stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 12:59:14 EDT 2003 | successmani

hi, I am a research student in Electronics manufacturing at RIT. We are planning to assemble boards using lead free solder paste. I was wondering would there be any changes in printing in using lead-free paste"Sn-3.9Ag-0.5Cu". Thedensity of Sn-37Pb

lead-free mixed technolgy

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 06 09:10:13 EST 2003 | successmani

hi, NEMI recommends separate solders for reflow sodlering and wave soldering. Reflow soldering- Sn-3.9Ag-0.7Cu Wave sodlering- Sn-0.7CU Wavesoldering- Sn-0.7Ag What will happen if a mixed technolgy PCb board containing both through hole and surface

Wrinkles on soldered BGA ball joints

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 19:18:24 EDT 2005 | HLy

Hi, I noticed that the solder joints on my BGAs end up with a lot of wrinkles after reflow. See picture at: http://pstr-r02.ygpweb.aol.com/data/pictures/02/01A/17/DD/E3/9E/n8BhepQLFDs6GMSwaRNxPCTWR5NdpUJZ0300.jpg Does anybody have any ideas what cau

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