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HP 3070 boot issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 23 10:31:49 EDT 2009 | markgray

My cmos battery died in my HP3070 ATE. I replaced the battery and now the comuter will not boot. I do not even get anything on the monitor. Has anybody come across this issue and how did you fix it?

HP 3070 boot issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 13:11:25 EDT 2009 | kpm135

Sounds like your BIOS might be fried. Does it do anything when you try to power it on? Any beeps or does it sit like a brick?

HP 3070 boot issue

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 09:29:03 EDT 2009 | markgray

The fan on the CPU stopped working and took out the board. I have another board coming next week. Thanks

HP 3070 software support contract

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 17:14:42 EDT 2005 | Cmiller

Is there anybody out there who has a current support contract with Agilent that can download the patch to bring version 3.81a to 3.81b off thier website? They never sent it to us, they did end us version 5 a few years ago but dont want to upgrade to

HP 3070 pay per use button problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 09:02:54 EDT 2005 | Cmiller

Has anyone ever had a problem where all the pay per use buttons show no credits regardless of how many credits are on them? Any fixes?

HP 3070 pay per use button problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 30 10:31:36 EDT 2005 | bstan

I have similar problem last year and it was due to defective SCSI MUX port. Take a try.

test adapters for Agilent HP3070

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 02:20:17 EST 2021 | baldoino

We own 42 used Agilent HP 3070 incircuit test adapters (mixed versions single and double sized). How can I offer them for potential buyers?

Humidity in SMT room

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 07:43:09 EST 2006 | davef

ANSI-J-STD-001 says words to the effect: 18-30*C, 30-70%RH

SMT Production Floor RH Control

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 10 21:47:39 EST 2007 | davef

ANSI-J-STD-001: 18-30*C, 30-70%RH

QSTATS at HP3070 Series 3

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 08 20:32:55 EDT 2009 | juanv

Hi, This is the firstime that I'm working with a HP 3070 Series 3 ICT. We ran the first assemblies and I would like to know where could I find all the information about this first article run. Fist of all, I need to know how could I visualize at

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