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Software Upgrade

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 08 10:18:19 EDT 2001 | bdoyle

SMTnet will be down for a software upgrade at approximately 10:30 AM EST this morning for about 30 minutes (although probably less). We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The software upgrade should alleviate some of the performance a

Black pad defect

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 11 08:33:31 EST 2003 | davef

SMTA [www.smta.org] New On-line Presentation - March 14 Dealing with the Black Pad Defect in Manufacturing Solectron Vice President of Technology Srinivas Rao And Director of Process Integration Kim Hyland Date: Friday, March 14 Time: 10:30AM - Noon

Off topic warning

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 03 09:51:17 EST 2001 | PeteC

Wow! Nope, wouldn't wanna see it and hope I never do. Our 7.4 RS quake (that lasted for 45 seconds!) August of 1999 in Istanbul happened at 3AM and the plant was closed. We ran production that day starting at 7:30AM. Only 2 people failed to show up

Time to retire the wave?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 17:13:58 EDT 2007 | mefloump

No nitrogen generator. We have a service bring us nitrogen tanks every week and have the machine set up so if one goes empty, we can turn on the other one to keep a seamless flow of productivity. Our waves run from 6:00 am until 3:30 am between 2 shi

Fuji CP643 equipment needed

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 13:26:50 EDT 2003 | Terry Saunders

Hi, Terry!� Espi on our staff passed on your request to me.� I have attached a list of companies that offer previously used equipment.� You may want to try one of them.� You can also post this question on our Web site at http://www.smta.org.� Click o


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