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Scored Panel Depth

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 17:42:44 EDT 2001 | davef

Darn good point!!! * Accu-System [ 3100 VSC] 215-830-9826 * Radoll Design Score Depth Indicator http://www.radoll.com

UV Curing Conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 07:10:37 EDT 2008 | g2garyg2

PROMATION builds edge carry style UV systems, integrating DYMAX, FUSION and other technologies. (262) 857-3100 x 111 or www.pro-mation-inc.com

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 12:11:56 EDT 2007 | gmoritz

Any experience with the encoders and ball screws that drive the stage? We are seeing a pretty large y-drift from the 'top' to the 'bottom' of the board during x-travel. I've tried to measure this using the teach function and the x-drift from the sm

Cencorp TR5300 - capabilities

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 10:20:47 EST 2008 | remullis

I am looking into purchasing a used TR5300 and was wondering if anyone with experience on this model could tell me if you have the capability of importing programs from the older TR3100 dos based programs into the TR5300 windows based interface witho

BGA rework equipment - suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 00:24:26 EST 2015 | nodpcba

The PDR system though is I think pretty much about where we would need to start looking. There is also this http://www.nod-pcba.com/ which looks pretty good on features as well as models sold by PMTECH possibly starting with this one http://www.nod-p

BGA assembly and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 03:57:39 EDT 2000 | Steven Cheung

Does anyone know of a freely-available document which discusses the main considerations of BGA assembly and inspection (x-ray?). l need to know about pad sizes and inspection standards and when to underfill and when not to etc.. l am looking at ass

Who knows SM411 MMI problem (Initializing machine I/F) and How to troubleshoot?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 02:17:58 EDT 2016 | cspasol

Thanks Mr. Darby, We already Check All connections of I/F Boards, Restore OS, Change Motherboards and Install Backup for SmartSM files and Install new MMI (SmartSM files). But still same Problem. I have one possible cause in my mind is its MVME3100

Glue Dispenser

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 10:14:08 EDT 2000 | Stuart Hockensmith

hello- I am looking to add into my predominatly Fuji SMT lines a glue dispensing machine. I currently have for dispensing technology is a Camalot 3800 in one of my two lines. The second doesn't have any capability for glue , thus the reason for

Conformal Coating Masking

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 20 21:20:00 EDT 2001 | davef

Try: * KINNARNEY RUBBER 450 Main St. P.O.Box 37 Mantua, N.J. 08051 609-468-1320 fax 7438 http://kinnarney.com/ * Dempsey Industries 802 N. 4th St Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 (937)-866-2345 Gary Pascoe * Shercon 10425 Slusher Drive � Santa Fe Springs, CA

Re: Masking of connectors

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 20:45:51 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| We have a new custumer that needs thier thru-hole/smt boards conformally coated. We currently do not have a selective spraycoating system adn this low volume of these board do notwarrant a 100k machine. We are spending way to much time masking and

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