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Capacitor securing

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 09:56:27 EDT 2005 | jdumont

What is everyone using to secure their caps on products that go through ESS testing. We have been using Dow 3140 RTV but it takes too long to dry and I read that RTV isnt the best anyhow. Any suggestions...

Corrosion due to RTV adhesive

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 06:26:03 EST 2008 | jdumont

Hey that was me way back! Anyways, use Dow 3140 (self leveling) or Dow 3145 (peanut butter consistency) and call it a day. No out gassing/acidic properties. 3140 also contains a UV tracer for black light inspection. Any tall caps should be epoxied if

Help with dewetting

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 13:03:35 EDT 2010 | jdumont

Hello, I have no experience with CE-1155 but a ton with 1B73. I would say Justin hit it right on the head. 1B73 does not like to be anywhere near silicone residues. We make sure the boards are handled with gloves after wash, before coat. Unfortunat


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