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Titanium solder bath Vs. Stainlesss steel 316L

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 09:02:17 EDT 2005 | davef

Your 316L stainless steel pot will not contain lead-free solder, over the long term. We'd bet that our solder machine equipment manufacturer will "swap" you a lead-free solder compatable pot for your current pot.

Titanium solder bath Vs. Stainlesss steel 316L

Electronics Forum | cyber_wolf |

Mon May 09 11:10:10 EDT 2005

Titanium solder bath Vs. Stainlesss steel 316L

Electronics Forum | Sat May 07 04:40:04 EDT 2005 | grayman

Hi, There are many companies shifting lead free solder wave. My question is can anyone give me idea if we can still use our old solder wave machine for lead free eventhough the solder pot is stainless steel 316L? Our solder bath has titanium nozzl

Leadfree Wave Erosion

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 21 15:50:14 EDT 2007 | GS

Hi, which kind of stainless steel are made your solder pot components? for istance : AISI-304 ? AISI-306 ? AISI-312 ? AISI-316 ? As we know AISI-316 will last more against Tin erosion. But AM SACX does not allow so much !!! I know who since t


Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 14:22:39 EDT 2004 | dougm

I need some advice on how to run a test with some large boards through the re-flow oven. The boards are 17"x17", 3/16" thick. Withought destroying one of the boards, how would I go about getting a good temperature profile?

Titanium solder bath Vs. Stainlesss steel 316L

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 08:31:23 EDT 2005 | jdengler

Grayman, You might want to read this paper. http://www.speedlinetech.com/docs/Equipment-Lead-Free-Wavesoldering.pdf Jerry

SMT/ PCT edge conveyor replacement belts

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 14:44:35 EST 2007 | actech

I have ordered 3/16th and 1/4 from McMaster Carr in the past. you buy it bulk cut it at an angle and melt it together. I think its Mcmastercarr.com and look into belts or conveyor belting you should be able to find it online there.

# of Hours before stainless Wave solder damaged by Lead Free?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 18:40:06 EDT 2005 | KEN

What your asking has many variables. 1. Material: SS vs. Cast Iron. Iron is thicker. Which SS? 316, 316L 2. Pump speeds, turbulence, hours of operation directly affect equipment life. 3. Things like scraping the pots, the tunnels, impelle

Custom Super M.O.L.E. Thermal Protective Enclosure ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 17:17:19 EST 2009 | Flipit

I have done this for the Datapaq and it worked well. The SlimKic uses a yellow thermal blanket material. It is called Pyropel. You can get it at McMasterCarr. I think McMasterCarr calls it polyimid foam insulation part number 93015K64 of 3/16 thi

Putting a center board support on lead free wave

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 20:55:36 EDT 2004 | Ken

Try: Tungsten, tungsten carbide, ceramics like boron-nitride or how about pyrex glass? Glass blowers could make "hooks" that connect to a cross bar. I would NOT use aluminum (even if anodized). Try stainless steel 316. 303, 304 do not have enough

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