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Can Atmega328P-PU be used to replace the burnt atmega328 on Arduino UNO?

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 02 23:12:25 EDT 2015 | galler

For anyone having problems in burning boot loader in an Atmega328, the burnt atmega328 should be the most common tricky problem. some makers users are looking for an alternative to replace it. Now some say that Atmega328P-PU could be a great alternat

Gloves for conformal coat masking

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 11:36:57 EDT 2010 | davef

Ansell ANS 11-100 HYFLEX (ESD) static dissipative coated Size||Ansell p/n||Techni-Tool p/n 7||ANS111007||328PR107 8||ANS111008||328PR108 9||ANS111009||328PR109 10||ANS1110010||328PR110

Can Atmega328P-PU be used to replace the burnt atmega328 on Arduino UNO?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 09:16:16 EDT 2015 | emeto

If the package of both parts is the same and the Pin layout is the same you can replace it.


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 13:22:21 EDT 2016 | duoman

Ekkehardt Ebert Spare Parts & Repair Ersa GmbH Phone +49 9342 800-328 Contact

Titanium Wave Solder Fingers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 21 09:26:36 EST 2004 | davef

On your finger supplier try: * JAFCO Products 10120 Cayuga Drive Suite 103 Dallas, Texas 75228 Ph-214-328-0070 Fax-214-328-3272 or 214-324-1484 http://www.jafcoproducts.com/products.html * NSC (Nozzle Supply Company) 33524 U.S. Hwy 280 East Childer

alignment of prints

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 10:24:23 EST 2000 | Rkevin

I'm looking for what I call Mylar, for lack of a better name. We used it at Digital/Compaq to help us knead paste and also to check alignment of prints without actually applying any paste to the module. It was about 4-5 mils thick, clear and came in


Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 03 08:12:38 EST 2002 | davef

I&J Fisnar [2-07 Banta Pl Fair Lawn, NJ 07410-3002 201-796-1477 Fax 201-794-7034 http://www.ijfisnar.com info@ijfisnar.com ] makes a very good quality bench-top liquid dispenser. A base machine costs about $10k. Programming is relatively easy, alth

Belt Tension Meter

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 08:36:15 EDT 2005 | davef

Haaaa a "tuning fork belt" B) Sonic belt tension meter: * Gates [303-744-5800 Fax 4600 gates.com] Model 507C * Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument [800-819-8900 516-328-3300 Fax 516-326-8827 sdp-si.com] sells Gates Model 507C * CheckLine [800

wave solder pallets

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 18:36:29 EST 2006 | Chris

Do you want some coating for aluminum? If so here you go. Nordic Ware Hwy 7 at 100 Minneapolis, MN 55416 Phone: 952-920-2888 - Fax: 952-924-8621 Toll Free: 1-800-328-4310 ext.642 These guys charge about $200.00 per lot. You can coat with Silve

what is the max print speed? thanks for your help

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 22:19:57 EDT 2007 | lvzhu

The solder that we used is kester EM918 and Multicore LS328. Our printer machine is DEK-photon, this machine has supply below 300mm/s. the datasheet solderpaste of speed range is 30 to 150mm/s. when we produce the keyboard of the moble phone, this bo

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