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GSM Old vision system AIS 3500

Electronics Forum | Tue May 10 20:55:26 EDT 2005 | smt

I have the manual with the for that machine with the 3500 vision system for sale.

Metcal BGA-1 3101 / 3500 series

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 04:48:59 EDT 2018 | perverza

Hi, i looking software for Metcal BGA-1 3101 / 3500 series station. I cannot find software and support for this station because is out of date. Do have someone software for this station? Thanks.

GSM Old vision system AIS 3500

Electronics Forum | Sat May 07 15:49:19 EDT 2005 | marcelll

Need a wiring info from somebody who have the schematics for a GSM running the old vision system AIM 3500. There's 2 cables plugging in the vision box, "vision DigA" & "vision DigB" with DB15 connector. I need the pin out of these 2 cables to con

GSM Old vision system AIS 3500

Electronics Forum | Sun May 08 08:53:39 EDT 2005 | smtuser1234

Marcel, If I were you I would call Universal and explain what you are trying to do. What are you trying to do ?

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 19:12:16 EST 2002 | Mike Konrad

�Cheap� is relevant. Is $ 3,500 for equipment cheap or expensive? If $ 3,500 is cheap, than we have a solution for you. If $ 3,500 is expensive, then purchase pre-saturated chemical wipes, latex gloves and a hazardous waste bin. As for �effective

AIS3500 on GSM1

Electronics Forum | Thu May 19 08:52:23 EDT 2011 | unidec

I just discovered this post, I believe we sent you a response to your inquiry. Please call 888-701-0038 or visit our unidec website knowledge base to get tips on loading the AIS3500EX. We repair the AIS3500EX vision systems at a reasonable cost.

AIS3500 on GSM1

Electronics Forum | Sat May 15 13:24:17 EDT 2010 | dilogic

That would do if AIS3500 is working in the first place. As explained above, it does not operate correctly. Dead serial lines, jittery video output signals, internal 4 status LED's blinking in a repeating pattern (changing colours at the same time)...

Glue Head

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 20:56:53 EDT 2000 | Dave F

hey, what the relationship between needle gauge and inside diameter

AIS3500 on GSM1

Electronics Forum | Sat May 15 13:25:49 EDT 2010 | dilogic

Yeah, I tried UNIDEC, but got no response to my e-mails, so I turned to this forum...

AIS3500 on GSM1

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 17:33:41 EDT 2010 | dilogic

Thanks for the offer, but as I'm halfway accros the globe from you, it's not very practical for me...

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