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Re: Adhesive Stencils

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 11:30:34 EDT 2000 | genglish

Dave, the material in question is Acetal. I believe it is anti static. Should there be any charge built up then (hopefully) the charge is dissipated through the frame in which it is housed within the printer. It is an established process within our c

Movin' Towards Lead-Free

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 11 15:08:23 EDT 1998 | Dave F

All Y'all As many of you know there was a recent teeth-nashing session over on Technet about lead-free solders. I just found this side on world-wide lead-free legislation and though I'd pass it along. Have a nice weekend. Dave F

Re: Looking for PCB Depanelizer

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 07:50:12 EDT 1998 | Joachim Komus

| I was at the Southcon show in Orlando and saw a PCB depanelization machine which was basically a rotary saw which cut through the scoring on the panel. I don't remember the name of the company though so I can't get any info on this. Does anyone k

Router Manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 07 20:27:33 EST 2005 | davef

* Singulation (Wand 708.459.2400fax2421, Circuit Technology 708.705.2140fax2141 John Bambule, Pioneer - Dietecs (508)-643-2297 Fax: 2295 Gerry Larson) * Routing (Cencorp 303.530.0891 bill stranathan 303.772.5933x227, 0Z0 Automation 800.366.0401 Chip

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 15:53:07 EST 2012 | davef

* Singulation (Wand 847-459-2400 F2421, Circuit Technology 708-705-2140 f2141 John Bambule, Pioneer - Dietecs 781-682-7900 F0338 Gerry Larson) * Routing (Cencorp 303-530-0891 bill stranathan 303-772-5933x227, 0Z0 Automation 800-366-0401 Chip Gill)

Conformal coating over No-clean

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 19 15:17:54 EDT 1998 | Chris Jackson

We are in the process of validating Silicon 1C55 (thermal cure) conformal coating over Alpha LR725 solder paste. I am looking for anyone who may be using this process, or has been exposed to someone who is doing this process. Our concern is with the

Re: depaneling machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 12:21:51 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jake: This'll get you started: 1 Read the archives 2 primary approaches to paneling are; * Moise bites * Singulation * Routing * Scoring * Shearing 3 Major depaneling technologies are: * Singulation (Wand 708.459.2400fax2421, Circuit Technolo

Re: Depanelization of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 22 21:31:43 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Dear collegues, | I like to have your comments/ experience with various methods of depanelization like routing, scoring, cutting etc. | Any feed back on the equipment used with company addresses will be highly appreciated. | Please identify if pos

Re: PCB finishing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 20:18:14 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Pete: What�s a "free issue PCB panel"? Is that like "consigned material" here in the states? In response to your question, several possible approaches (in no particular order): 1 Router approach: 1a Wood working router * Go over to Sears and buy a

Re: Depanelization of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 07:12:53 EDT 1998 | smd

I asked the same question a couple of weeks ago. I received a lot of e-mail from salesmen et al trying to sell me equipment costing several thousand dollars. I was glad to get all the information I could, but there was no way I was going to get a PO

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