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Dead link

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 17:10:22 EDT 2000 | pgarsoe

The link to the paper from the following page in your library: is dead. I have been unable to obtain any response from my attempts at registration, so in my frustration have decided that maybe you guys oughtta at least know about it. Regards, Steve

Re: Conformal coating over No-clean

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 08:29:34 EDT 1998 | Alan Brewin

HumiSeal 1C55 is used by several of our customers over NO-clean pastes with success. Have you seen anything to cause concern?

Conformal coating over No-clean

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 19 15:17:54 EDT 1998 | Chris Jackson

We are in the process of validating Silicon 1C55 (thermal cure) conformal coating over Alpha LR725 solder paste. I am looking for anyone who may be using this process, or has been exposed to someone who is doing this process. Our concern is with the


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