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BGA underfilling

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 15 13:46:28 EST 2001 | Terry Burnette

Underfilling PBGA's will increase the PCB level solder joint life by 4x-5x but we only recommend underfill for products going into extreme environments. Normally the 272ld and 388ld PBGA's solder joints when cycled at -40C to +125C should not see any


Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 21 07:50:15 EDT 2000 | Adam

A question for all you wavesoldering buffs out there ? What i'd like to know is what causes the bulb-shape type joints around chip components when flowed over the wave ? which wavesoldering process parameter contributes to this type of defect & how

Re: Wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 21 12:55:14 EDT 2000 | Aaron

It sounds like the temperature of wave is a little lower. It should be 245~250 deg.C for solder Sn63/Pb37.

Re: Wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 19:59:12 EDT 2000 | Dave F

John makes good points that are in line with those made [in the SMTnet Archives] when trying to solve solder side bridging problems in SOIC and such.

OT: HNC Mechantronics

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 06 08:44:22 EDT 2001 | davef

�Control System Design And Simulation� Jack Golten, Andy Verwer; McGraw Hill College Div; 1991; Paperback; 388 pages; ISBN: 0077074122 [Amazon.com lists two of �em for $20 used.]

VIOS Error - Yamaha YV100

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 07 22:23:35 EST 2017 | mrpackethead

Im trying to load data onto a Yamaha YV100 using VIOS 1.22. Its giving me an error 2. I ahve no idea what this means. Screen Shot here. https://ibin.co/388J2KIolFBS.jpg

Manncorp MC388 pick and place software bug - vacuum sensing on incorrect analog input

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 01:00:59 EDT 2023 | smtauto

Problem solved. Evidently the syst.dbf file that controls all machine settings did not have analog inputs associated with vacuum sensors configured. The correct settings are in the attached photo. Hope this is helpful to others.

Re: Wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 22 21:18:13 EDT 2000 | Aokilab

This may be the "wetting" problem! Assuming your process parameters are normal (work OK before), the possible reasons: 1. Presence of impurity in the solder; 2. Other impurity (oil or anti-dross) on the surface of the pot; 3. Weak solderability, due

Re: Wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 21:18:14 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Unlike components where the solder paste has been reflow soldered, wave soldered components have an "infinite" amount of solder available to make a solder connection. If you have good solder flow, pad and component termination size are going to be b

BGA underfilling

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 10:57:36 EST 2001 | emmanuel

We are to use a PBGA 272 and a PBGA 388. Between 500 and 750 thermal shocks (-45�C/+125�C), we have noticed that some cracks appear in the solder joints. According to our component specialists, these cracks are due to the whole design (pcb, component

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