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Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 22:59:46 EDT 2017 | navworx

Great posting. We're looking at AOI for the first time and are trying to understand the pros/cons of 2D, 2D+, and 3D. M, can you discuss what size parts are too small for the Mirtec MV-3L?

Which AOI method is best?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 09:46:15 EDT 2001 | orbotech

3D imaging refers to the acquisition of images from multiple perspectives using, preferably, multiple sources of illumination, while 2D imaging refers to the acquisition of an image from one perspective. An AOI system with 3D imaging is able to acq

Which AOI method is best?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 13:58:26 EDT 2001 | tomgervascio

It sounds like 3D imaging is much better at fault detection for partially visible leads like SOJ packages. Can any of the 2D systems actually do a solderjoint inspection on the outer rows of BGAs or is the angle too acute to accurately look at these.

AOI false calls with 3D AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue May 10 10:59:47 EDT 2016 | dtewatt

Hi All, I've been told that 3D AOI machines are a solution to the false calls that you get on a 2D machine, but I don't really see how the depth information can help in eliminating false calls for unreadable markings, misregistered parts etc. For s

Which AOI /SPI System is the Best? Viscom S3088; Koh Young 8030 or Parmi Xceed

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 22 12:52:38 EST 2016 | newtfly

I agree with 3DAOI.com, in that you should be looking at Cyberoptics. They have a great product if you MUST have both of these processes in line, and if you must have 3D AOI. If you are willing to go offline, and want to get both AOI and SPI in one

Which AOI /SPI System is the Best? Viscom S3088; Koh Young 8030 or Parmi Xceed

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 17:24:08 EDT 2016 | jlawson

Yes VISCOM uses Cyberoptiocs for SPI as they have a great optic head, but VISCOMS Ultra 2D/2.5D/3D head is best in market, I would say much better than Cyberoptics from a technical specification perspective. Has heighest part 3D height image renderin

3D AOI Used Machine Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 23:44:51 EDT 2022 | glasscake

Looking into getting an upgrade for the Mirtec MV7-U I have currently. I like the machine and the software is good but the 18k machine registration fee and refusal to supply manuals, replacement parts, ext is rather annoying. What recommendations a

3D AOI Used Machine Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 17:31:24 EDT 2022 | glasscake

I must have been confused on the email chain when I originally bought the machine back in 2020. Stephen Nigro told me it would be 12.9k + travel expenses. Do the manuals include service manuals/exploded views for ordering parts?


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 09 15:20:19 EDT 2002 | pjc

When you look at the capabilities of Combo machines they tend to sacrifice performance when compared to separate X-ray and AOI machines, meaning they don't do either the X-ray or AOI operations as well as a machine that was designed to do only one. A

Yestech B2 Aoi Brightness, how do I adjust?

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 09:03:36 EDT 2018 | dontfeedphils

Yea, probably need a new board, which may be tricky considering how old these models are getting now. I had a B2 at my last shop and we upgraded to a Koh Young Zenith 3D. At the time, Yestech told us the camera in the B2 would go for around 10k jus

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