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VI technology 5k vs 5K 3d AOI( what are the improvements that they have made in the new 3d 5K AOI)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 23:02:44 EDT 2016 | nipun92

We are trainee engineers doing research on the vi technology 5k and 5k 3d AOIs, we would like to know the advancements that they have made in the new 3d 5k AOI, and any setbacks if there are any.

Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 02:29:38 EDT 2017 | cpcompany

Dear All. My name is Casey Park from Starworks Korea. These days we purchased pre-owned Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI from a customer site and have it fully refurbished and upgraded by Mirtec HQ. If anyone has a plan to invest 3D AOI or upgrade old 2D


Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 20:20:08 EDT 2021 | victorzubashev

Hi, you can also consider VISCOM S3088 3D AOI. I installed last year for CM client with High mix low volume. They have a very powerful and user-friendly programming interface.

MIRTEC MV-7 OMNI 3D-AOI Operation Manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 04 01:35:01 EDT 2023 | sophyluo1985

SMT friends, I need your help. Does anyone have the MIRTEC MV-7 OMNI 3D-AOI operation manual? Please send me a copy to quinnsmt@gmail.com. thank you all

Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 27 05:45:20 EDT 2017 | pavel_murtishev

methos1979, 1. Mirtec, Marantz 2. Koh Young, Orbotech, Mirtec 3. Koh Young Zenith 4. Definitely Programs for 3D AOI are prepared really faster. Having defined component database, programming takes no more than a couple of hours. Fine tuning takes u


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 11:44:26 EDT 2021 | mikekeens

Thanks for your comments. Currently checking out the Mirtec which seems to have good reviews


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 10:40:36 EDT 2021 | mikekeens

Hi, I'm currently in the process of evaluating a number of 3D AOI machines such as Koh Young Zenith Alpha HS+, CyberOptics SQ3000, Mirtec MV-6 Omni, Parmi Xceed L and Aleader ALD8720S. Does anyone have any thoughts on these machines as to which is b

AOI false calls with 3D AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 13:11:08 EDT 2016 | skyler0121

SMT, I currently work with both 2D and 3D AOI machines. 3D does give you the added benefit of Height on components which does help cut down on some of the over rejects. However, it does still have trouble with some of the same things as the 2D system

Older AOI Inspection Systems

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 09:59:12 EDT 2018 | dnachristen

That's incorrect. 3D aoi is extremely useful for determining solder flow and slope which a 2D can't do. Yes it's also great for coplanarity, tomb stoning, head and pillow and a multitude of other defects. Most 3d AOI use cad models and height measure

Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 22:59:46 EDT 2017 | navworx

Great posting. We're looking at AOI for the first time and are trying to understand the pros/cons of 2D, 2D+, and 3D. M, can you discuss what size parts are too small for the Mirtec MV-3L?

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