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X-ray equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 14:54:48 EDT 2015 | rangarajd

Hi! We are in the market to buy a 3D X-ray inspection system. I have short listed (1) Dage (2) Nikon (3) Yxlon to begin with. Please pass on your inputs & recommendations / experiences with some of the latest 3D X-ray equipments out there. We are

BGA x-ray services 3D

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 12:39:31 EST 2010 | gregcr

Hi All, We have a glenbrook x-ray in house, but I am in need of a high resolution x-ray of some failed BGA image sensors. Does anyone know of a company that does hi-res or 3D x-ray service? We are not getting enough detail to really see what may be

AOI for defect detection at soldering process

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 04:38:49 EDT 2006 | ge_lim

Hi Refering to the Apr edition of SMT , page 24 to 29, anyone got experience on implementing the AOI or 3D x ray : a) What is the pros and cons? b) What is the trend in the PCBA industry for wave soldering inspection? c) Will this implementation co

BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 07:42:58 EST 2013 | sara_pcb

In continuation of the thread, attached 2d & 3d x-ray pictures of BGA after assembly. Kindly comment.regards, R.Saravanan

BGA drop off from the boards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 11:14:15 EDT 2014 | rboguski

Agree with previous comment regarding possible head-in-pillow. Use 3D x-ray or CT-scan to verify.

Re: Information on 2D and 3D automated optical inspection systems

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 07 13:49:52 EDT 1998 | Frank Silva

Paul, I work for a supplier of 2D and 3D x-ray inspection systems. If you are interested in discussing alternatives to AOI for post reflow SMT process monitoring and inspection I would be happy to discuss several strategy considerrations with you. W

BGA Rework (Top side heat only!)

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 12:24:02 EST 2015 | emeto

The best test will be to X-ray BGA under 3-D X-ray. About the techniques used for BGA repair you can probably take closer look to some BGA repair stations, even though I have seen it done with hot air gun in the early days.

Voiding in uBGA's w/blind uvia's in pads

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 16:28:02 EST 2003 | tony_sauve

Sorry I didn't close this one off last year... We had some failure analysis done on these PCB's ( 3D x-ray,microsectioning,SEM) and the results definitively proved that there was some contamination @ the base of the uvia's that had the voiding. It ap

Melf components

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 13:45:45 EDT 2007 | SKJ

Melf components are tube shaped so the X and Z values are the same. If you use 3D X-ray you can tell if the joint is attached to the board properly and you will not need the Z-dimension information. This might be a better longterm solution than usi

Agilent 5DX

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 12:37:06 EST 2009 | davidupton

Hi AJ, I typically don't reply to posts in this forum since I am an equipment supplier and this forum is for Eng to Eng information swap, but in this case, I did want to support an above post regarding YESTech's 3D X-ray product. YESTech does have

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