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Feb 1, 2019 | Hi has anyone got practical experiences of inline 3D AXI machines in their plants that they can shar

X-ray equipment

Apr 14, 2015 | Hi! We are in the market to buy a 3D X-ray inspection system. I have short listed (1) Dage (2) Ni

What to look for in a BGA Lab analysis

Mar 4, 2015 | A full blown analysis could become very expensive. There are many test that can be performed. 3D

BGA Rework (Top side heat only!)

Feb 26, 2015 | The best test will be to X-ray BGA under 3-D X-ray. About the techniques used for BGA repair you can

BGA Rework affected by cold weather?

Dec 5, 2014 | Hi, Do you observe any part warping in the corners? Do you X-ray 3D? I really doubt that all joi

BGA drop off from the boards

May 23, 2014 | Agree with previous comment regarding possible head-in-pillow. Use 3D x-ray or CT-scan to verify.

BGA Warping at the corners

Nov 7, 2013 | 1st X-Ray looks pretty good. One instance of what looks like solder migration in the lower left qua

BGA Warping at the corners

Nov 7, 2013 | In continuation of the thread, attached 2d & 3d x-ray pictures of BGA after assembly. Kindly comment

Post Reballing Solder Ball Inspection

Jun 27, 2013 | I would suggest that you go to the X-Ray world. I know for sure that Dage(Nordson Company) can make

Seeking AXI machine

Oct 13, 2010 |

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 28, 2010 |

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 26, 2010 | I agree that Dage makes some excellent 3D (CAT) systems, but in our experience a high-resolution 2D

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 26, 2010 | A few years ago we sent some samples to Dage for them to analyze on one of their 3D systems.

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 26, 2010 |

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 18, 2010 | Hi, At Process Sciences we can provide high-res X-ray inspection. You can view some sample ima

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 14, 2010 | Hi All, We have a glenbrook x-ray in house, but I am in need of a high resolution x-ray of some f

Agilent 5DX

Apr 7, 2009 |

Agilent 5DX

Feb 12, 2009 |

Melf components

Mar 26, 2007 | Melf components are tube shaped so the X and Z values are the same. If you use 3D X-ray you can tel

AOI for defect detection at soldering process

Aug 30, 2006 | For Automated x-ray inpsection system comes in 2D and 3D. 2D also know as the transmission xray insp

Missing BGA Balls

Jul 10, 2006 |

X-ray capabilities needed for Xilinix 1152-ball BGA

Feb 3, 2005 | It's come time to upgrade our Glenbrook RTX-113 x-ray with something that has a little more "balls",

inspection system

Apr 15, 2003 |

No Clean for BGA's

Oct 2, 2002 |


Jul 9, 2002 |

AOI vs. XRay

May 10, 2001 | Genny, I would like to correct part of the things that you were told. As far as I know, X-Ray

AOI vs. XRay

May 8, 2001 | Thank you for your response. I have been told that x-ray strength is finding solder volume and pa

AOI vs. XRay

May 8, 2001 | I will review some of the advantages/disadvantages of AOI vs. X-Ray one by one according to the main

what's your opinion

Jan 27, 2000 |

Help for CSP Prototyping

Aug 22, 1999 |

Help for CSP Prototyping

Aug 21, 1999 |

Help for CSP Prototyping

Aug 21, 1999 |

Information on 2D and 3D automated optical inspection systems

Apr 7, 1998 | Paul, I work for a supplier of 2D and 3D x-ray inspection systems. If you are interested in disc

Led testing color sensors

Industry 4.0 Reflow Oven