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Thru_hole component placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 16:25:38 EST 2006 | gregp

Hello Russ, I am from Contact Systems. It is 4:16 EST. Seriously though, I won't try to guess what happened with your attempt to contact us. It certainly is never our intention to avoid potential customers. You can contact me personally if you ne

PCB wash chlorine

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 01:03:15 EDT 2003 | Truett H.

I would discourage the use of city water at all - where rinsing electronic parts is concerned, it contains too much contamination. If practical, route DI water to your first tank and implement some aggitation (either nitrogen bubbles from the bottom

advice on used P&P

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 18 23:24:12 EDT 2020 | jmelson

About 12 years ago, this forum was hugely helpful in guiding me to get a Philips CSM84, with no vision. (That might have been a mistake.) Now, I'm moving to smaller parts, especially TSSOP and QFP with 0.5 mm pitch, and the CSM just isn't accurate


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