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Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 11:07:03 EDT 2004 | arcandspark

You are right about the very poor support for smaller customers. I had told them we were looking for another paste and now they have sent the reginal manager and the US sales manager has come by to see what they can do for us. All they keep saying is

Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 08:25:15 EDT 2004 | arcandspark

I would have gone to a .004" stencil but again, the board designers, which we have no control over or are we allowed to give input to, have made the pads on all connectors and many other parts so small that we are almost seeing insuffecient solder us

4 mil epoxy dot dispensing

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 05:50:08 EDT 2020 | tima

Hello colleagues, Question. Who ever done 4 mil (100uM) electro conductive epoxy dispensing? is it even possible? I did 6 mil but very unstable results... Now I need 4 mil for an application.

Why 50 mils in 0805 package instead of 40 mils.

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 09:00:18 EDT 2003 | davef

EIA standard packages have a variety of L/W proportions. EIA||Dimension mm (LXW)||Proportion (L/W) 0201||0.6X0.3||2 0202||0.5X0.5||1 0303||0.8X0.8||1 0402||1.0X0.5||2 0504||1.25X1.0||1.25 ||1.4X1.4||1 0603||1.6X0.8||2 0805||2.0X1.25||1.6 1111||2.8X2

4 mil epoxy dot dispensing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 10:56:48 EDT 2020 | kumarb

Hi. Contact PVA in the US. Our company has been a supplier to them for many years to date for the adapters used in their machines. This is their vertical. Hope this helps.

type 3 vs type 4 paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 09:23:05 EST 2002 | russ

What would the considerations be in utilizing a type 4 paste as opposed to type 3? We have an assembly that has a large amount of uBGAs (12 mil diam pad)along with 50 mil pitch BGAs assorted fine pitch etc... We are experiencing difficulty in paste

Type 3 vs. Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 10 09:13:34 EST 2006 | russ

Dave hit the cons pretty well for type 4 type 4 is used when you have extremely small apertures and type 3 will not fit into them or release adequately basically. I have not yet had application that requires it but got very close once, .007 circle

type 3 vs type 4 paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 10:59:11 EST 2002 | pjc

IPC-7525 "Stencil Design Guidelines" is a good reference document to have. Here are notes from a Tessera, (a major mBGA mfg.), study- "Application Note Solder Stencil Requirement for mBGA" The stencil aperture is to be square, equal in size to the l

16 mil pitch QFPs / solder paste type 4 & 5?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 11:39:55 EDT 2003 | russ

How thick is your stencil? We print 16mil every day with type 3 paste 2 of which you have tried (Alpha and Kester) Stencil should be 5 mil. Russ

16 mil pitch QFPs / solder paste type 4 & 5?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 09:52:07 EDT 2003 | kmorris

I have just started an assembly which uses a 16 mil pitch QFP. We ran on Saturday, using a type 3 solder paste. (working Sat's really sucks) We really struggled with paste release after the stencil sat for 15 minutes without printing. Apertures clog

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