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Looking for a partner in Germany

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 12:00:54 EDT 1998 | Frank

I wanna start a electronic production (SMT/THT) in Germany. Anyone interested to start with me?

Re: Looking for a partner in Germany

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 17:41:57 EDT 1998 | Victor Velandia

We have Screen Printers, Pick and Place machines, Robots, Reflow ovens, singulation presses, Conveyors, PLCs, etc. Bottom line we, have the equipment and over 15 years of engineering expertise and are looking for a venture opportunity. Pls email

Re: PCB thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 20:37:08 EDT 2000 | Steve

At our facility, we process FR-4 boards for PCMCIA cards (0.020"). The key for us is dedicated fixturing for stencil printing and fixturing for reflow soldering. We are working closely with our customer to better improve panel design, but other than


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