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Software for Samsung CP40(LV)

Aug 7, 2019 | Does anyone know the latest version of Samsung MMI software that will run on CP40-LV? Shame it cann

Software for Samsung CP40(LV)

Aug 7, 2019 | Hi, I am using an old Samsung CP40(LV) and wanting to know what the latest version software will run

Tape covers on component reels sticking on samsung feeders

Jun 18, 2019 | Hi, I have an older Samsung pick and place (CP-40LV model). During last few runs I have experienced

Samsung cp40 pickup tolerance

Apr 16, 2019 | Hello. Got problems with big elements like connectors. Pickup tolerance dont work on cp40/Lv. Here g

CP40lv resto project

Apr 8, 2019 |

CP40lv resto project

Apr 8, 2019 |

Flason SMT Products

Oct 4, 2018 |

someone has the software of the samsung cp-40 lv + I can not find it

Nov 22, 2017 | I need the soft for samsung cp40 lv + i can't find it. reinstall the s.o and I would need the soft

CP40LV Part Rotation

May 29, 2014 | Hi, We have recently installed a CP40LV+. Unfortunately the machine fails to do the pre-rotation

Quad Aligners

Jun 18, 2013 | Looking for a Quad aligner part # 10-22603 for a CP-40LV pick and place machine. Used, refurbished,

Samsung CP40LV Hard Drive Issues

Jan 4, 2013 | The hard drive on our CP40LV went out. Does not work. Anybody knows where I can find one to replace

Blurry and double vision with Samsung CP40-LV

Dec 17, 2010 | We have an older model CP40-LV that will start out the day with blurry and double vision, then after

ASYMTEK dispensing and conformal coating

Non-heated dispensing system