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Software for Samsung CP40(LV)

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 04:46:09 EDT 2019 | orbitcoms

Hi, I am using an old Samsung CP40(LV) and wanting to know what the latest version software will run on it and whether it can run on a later version of Windows than Xp?

Software for Samsung CP40(LV)

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 20:43:12 EDT 2019 | orbitcoms

Does anyone know the latest version of Samsung MMI software that will run on CP40-LV? Shame it cannot run on Windows 10 machine in compatibility mode

CP40LV Part Rotation

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 19:26:06 EDT 2014 | wesleyintelli

Hi, We have recently installed a CP40LV+. Unfortunately the machine fails to do the pre-rotation (from feeder to library) when placing parts and as a result throws an error after scanning the part. However, it works when test picking the part. We h

Samsung cp40 pickup tolerance

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 16 01:42:15 EDT 2019 | ledze91

Hello. Got problems with big elements like connectors. Pickup tolerance dont work on cp40/Lv. Here got two machines cp40/lv and one cp40/cv. On cv dont have problems with pickup, but on Lv nozzle hit the pins of connectors or wont pick up

Blurry and double vision with Samsung CP40-LV

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 09:04:17 EST 2010 | wolverine

We have an older model CP40-LV that will start out the day with blurry and double vision, then after about twenty minutes of just idling, the vision slowly improved until the machine could find the board fiducials and do a passable placement job. Th

Samsung CP40LV Hard Drive Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 17:12:41 EST 2013 | cano1912

The hard drive on our CP40LV went out. Does not work. Anybody knows where I can find one to replace the bad one. Is it like a regular PC where you just replace the hard drive as long as it has the operating system and program in it. Need help...I h

someone has the software of the samsung cp-40 lv + I can not find it

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 22 10:32:46 EST 2017 | itactilum

I need the soft for samsung cp40 lv + i can't find it. reinstall the s.o and I would need the soft. on the other hand it gives me an error that begins to give continuous beeps without stopping and I get the following error message "no sequence fini

Samsung CP40LV vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 24 08:01:32 EST 2012 | wolverine

When using the rectangular plate given with the machine that is used with calibrating the movable camera, does the longer side of the plate get fed into the machine ( rails set to 80mm ) or the shorter side ( rails set to 74mm ) Thanks Dave

Samsung CP40LV vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 29 12:55:38 EST 2012 | tech_fun

i don't thing that it is a rule. the only ideea is to mov the camera exactly above the hole in the middle.

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