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Re:What are differences in Mil-P-50884C Vs Mil-PRF-31032/3

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 12:51:18 EDT 2000 | K. Chak

Hi Folks, Can anyone please tell me the differences between Mil-P-50884c and Mil-PRF- 31032/3. We are dealing with a quote for flex PCB. Thanks in advance Regards Kc.


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 11:19:03 EST 1999 | Vahid Vatannia

Jax, Can you please call me at 770 467-6835. I tried to e-mail you but it didn't work. Thanks.


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 16:20:45 EST 2002 | rubenh

Hi Check SMT Research, they have nozzles for cp3, 4,6,7 melf custom, Special etc..(805) 587-7851 Just buy the disk, the body is the same and change the nozzle size on (proper) mcs16 or 30

Re: Re:What are differences in Mil-P-50884C Vs Mil-PRF-31032/3

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 23 09:50:40 EDT 2000 | Dave F

KC, Try: Mil-P-50884C - http://astimage.daps.dla.mil/quicksearch/basic_profile.cfm?ident_number=27738 Mil-PRF-31032/3 - http://astimage.daps.dla.mil/quicksearch/basic_profile.cfm?ident_number=201451

SMD weights

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 21:48:26 EST 2005 | davef

We thought Bob Willis posted something like that a few years ago, but can't find it [real quick. Maybe someone more patient can.] Anyway, a PLCC68 weighs 4.67gm. On various PLCC size dropping or not: * upto 52 will stay put * 84 will drop

HOT AIR Bench top

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 14:24:21 EST 2011 | vmorina

Hi Hege, Thank you very much for your input. So far I have four hot air from four different companies. ERSA: IR500 or IR550 http://www.ersa.com/index.php?modul=entry&id=346&entry_id=1473⊂_id=346&cont_add=467 Weller: WHA3000PS or VS http://www.te


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 13:41:05 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

Sorry guys have a look at this list of component weights and then work out the surface area of the lead/pad and then come back on the PLCC issue. Chip 0805���� 0.007g������ 2 Chip 1206���� 0.009g���� 2 Chip 1210���� 0.012g���� 2 SOT23���������0.008g�

Re: How to qualify the solder flux of a new vendor?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 17 11:20:23 EST 1999 | Dave F

Hey Gyver: If you don�t mind (which you don�t have any choice about, because I�m going to do it anyhow, cause it�s MY word processor), I�m going to respond genericly, but still be directed to your question. Much of the following is paraphrased from


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