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Nordic aQFN73 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 12:52:00 EDT 2018 | slthomas

We are about to do a second iteration of something we struggled mightily with last time and I'm hoping to at least make a step in the right direction. There are 12 of these parts on the board and virtually all of them required removal and replacemen

Step stencil troubles

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 09:31:17 EDT 2004 | russ

Step stencils are used but only when necessary. One reason to use one would be a PCB with 12 mil pitch and very large coils or something of that nature. The 12 mil pitch part would require a 4 mil thick stencil to ensure release while it would caus

Small apperture release from stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 12:51:30 EST 2013 | emeto

Hi MikeS, I didn't post all the information, because I didn't want to mislead you. I wanted to see your way. We tried 3mil and 4 mil stencil using type 4 paste. It was hard to get the right aspect ratio and that;s why we did it on Nickel stencil - a

Re: Step down stencil

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 22 10:05:37 EST 1998 | Christopher Lampron

| Does any body know stencil manufacturer in states or south east asia for electroforming processes and step down from 5mil to 3mil. | | Thanks! | Daniel, I do alot of work with Photoetch stencils in Massaschusetts. I do not have the Phone number h

Step stencil troubles

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 23:11:30 EDT 2004 | KEN

I have an application that uses 0201 devices coupled with ceramic column grid arrays. The coplanarity of the balls is specified not to exceed 7 mils! 4 mil foil for 0201's with a selective buildup to 7mil for the ceramic. Bloody designers! Take y

Aperture size for Micro BGA stencil

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 10:27:26 EDT 2000 | Igmar

Can someone please help with the aperture size on a Micro BGA stencil. I want to have an electroformed stencil made with 0.1mm (4mil) thickness. The PCB pad for the micro BGA has a 0.406mm (16mil) diameter. What size should I make the apertures for t

Stencil design question.(BGA Apertures)

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 11:51:44 EDT 2006 | dougs

10mil square apertures should be ok with your 4mil stencil.

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 13:29:30 EST 2006 | russ

6 mils maybe? instead of 6mm? We go down to 5 mils and up to 7 with 0603. You could even use a 4mil stencil for these without any problems. The .2mm (.0078")apart however might get you in trouble unless your equipment is rock solid.

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 18 04:04:43 EST 2019 | ramesh_10377

hi initially, as per PCB design and gerber file of PCB we got 5 mil stencil, during process observed lot of solder balls (70-80%), then we decided to go for 4 mil stencil with c-cut. now the problem is reduced and still solderball exists which is a

LGA voiding

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 14 16:57:52 EST 2020 | emeto

Still considering going from 5mil to 4mil stencil. Concern is the 50mm part might have issues with contact on the outside rows.

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