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MPM UP2000HiE software versions

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 18:51:16 EST 2022 | compit

Standard 51" (1295.4mm) Optional 66" (1676.4mm)

0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 22:50:03 EST 2002 | Nell

Hi, Could anyone tell me where can I get the 0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component and the Test PCB? Any comments will be appreaciated. Thanks and Regards. Nell

0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 06 07:13:23 EST 2002 | PeteC

nope, only placed 0.75mm pitch myself. I looked around some data sheets and did not find any 0.4mm.

0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 06 21:20:36 EST 2002 | davef

We are aware that 0.4mm parts are coming [ http://www.kns.com/prodserv/flipchip/products/roadmap-ultracsp.PDF ], but are assembling none at the present time. We�re in no rush!!!

SMD 0.4 mm pitch break out boards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 25 03:28:20 EDT 2007 | shparekh

Hi All, Brand new here. I am wondering if I can find a breakout board for 0.4mm pitch SMD connectors. TIA. -sanjay

SMT package to feeder size chart

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 14:38:19 EDT 2008 | markhoch

Actually 0603 is 8mm x 4mm pitch. 0201 and 0402 are 8mm x 2mm pitch. 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210 are 8mm x 4mm pitch. Tant Caps 3216 & 3528 packages are 8mm X 4mm pitch. 6032 and 7343 are 12mm X 8mm pitch. ICs, Diodes, Transistors are various sizes and d


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 18 22:52:15 EDT 2015 | mdang

What nozzle size do you use to place 01005 on Fuji CP8 machine? The smallest nozzle size on the CP8 is 0.4mm. Could we use this nozzle to place 01005 since the size of 01005 pacakge is 0.4mm x 0.2mm. Thank you for your help, -Michael

Stencil and paste used for .4mm pitch csp component ball size .3mm?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 13:21:59 EDT 2018 | babe7362000

What do others use as far as solder paste type, stencil thickness and aperature size for a .4mm Ball Pitch CSP. Ball diameter is .3mm. Please let me know your thoughts or what you use. Thanks

15.7 mil QFP

Electronics Forum | Fri May 30 20:54:53 EDT 2003 | jonfox

Conversion refresher: 1 inch = 25.4 mm 1 inch = 25,400 microns 10 microns = 0.3937 mils 10 microns = 0.010 mm so 0.4mm = 400 microns and for s/n/g: 1mm = 3.240783e-20 parsecs (pc) Have some fun with that one!

Counterbore a bare hole

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 11:25:45 EST 2007 | gerryb

Because of some mechanical issues we believe that we need to counterbore 2 holes on one of our 2.4mm pcbs. We want to counterbore to a 0.5mm depth. The unplated hole is 4mm diameter and the counterbore diameter is 7.5mm. We have never done this befor

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