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PCB baking for rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 11:45:48 EDT 2002 | fmonette

The current IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033 for moisture-sensitive devices does not include a bake cycle at 90C (it includes cycles at 40C and 125C for non-assembled components in reels or trays). However, the upcoming revision, which should be release

First time with reflow oven....

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 17:14:50 EST 2003 | Matherat

Traditional methods of hand assembly are as you described. For a company that is concentrating on the 1-5 or 5-50 quantities you've described, you need to look for ways to accomplish your task with speed, repeatablilty, quality and at a fair price. T

screen printer from MPM

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 06 15:52:18 EST 2004 | pjc

SPM is superior in terms of technology and application. SPM has larger print area, up to 20� x 19", vs. 17.7� x 15.7� for the MicroFlex. MicroFlex is microprocessor controlled while the SPM has a PC. SPM can print down to 12mil (0.3mm) fine pitch no

what is the max print speed? thanks for your help

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 05 16:54:00 EST 2007 | bbarton

There are several things that can be done to increase throughput on you screen printer, including the panelization of your bords as Steve & Hussman has pointed out. However that's of limited use if you have plenty of stock that is not panelized. That

Stencil Design Question

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 19:32:02 EST 2008 | daxman

Greetings everyone. We are currently doing some experimentation with solder paste printing over ground planes. In this application, the entire perimeter of the PCB is a ground plane. It's about 4mm wide and wraps around the whole PCB; There is no so

How many Fiducials on PCB for best placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 25 15:52:40 EST 2011 | davef

"IPC-2221 - Generic Standard On Printed Board Design" talks to fiducials. Anther take on fiducials says they shall meet the following requirements. * Make fiducials 1 - 1.5 mm diameter circle. * Cover fiducials with tin. * Keep solder mask opening at

parts left on a reel

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 07:24:34 EDT 2012 | ericrr

how about this for resistor & capactors with 4mm pitch, all measurements in millimeters. cell A1 "Input inside diameter" answer in cell B1 cell A2 "Input outside diameter"answer in cell B2 cell A3 "Input layer width,(from inner to outside layer) (no

SMT Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 12:44:24 EDT 2013 | ericrr

after checking two computers, did not find it. However after using "google" found it in a flash. (less than 0.22 seconds) using a spreadsheet. how about this for resistor & capacitors with 4mm pitch, all measurements in millimeters. cell A1 "input

Universal GSM and 0402/0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 09:41:25 EST 2015 | rgduval

Well put, Evtimov! :) I've made my argument against it. I'm not comfortable taking a job placing parts outside the capabilities of the machine in general, much less parts that I can't actually see! The machine is good down to .5mm pitch parts, and

Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 08:54:35 EDT 2016 | spoiltforchoice

Essemtec like to keep some details to themselves to make you initiate contact but the Jet nozzle page states it can do 0.4mm dots. Last I checked a single Jet dispenser was about £15k GBP, the Scorpion machine itself is effectively the same platform

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