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8221 controller on an old axial

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 05 08:32:11 EDT 2009 | jeffharley

Make sure you have DC ok light on, on the EMI/PS card slot one. If not check your DC voltages at the card...5,15+,15-,12 v dc. if your voltages are not there then the machine will not run.

Dek 265 GSX motor comms failure ...

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 09:25:35 EDT 2012 | dekhead

If problem is jumping from card to card; my direction would be 5vdc level. generally like it to be min of 5.15vdc on the MINT cards (top lead of 7-segment display). www.dekhead.com

Heatsink assembly pressing force

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 10:15:01 EST 2002 | dason_c

We are using the custom pnuematic press to press the heat sink. You can use a force gauge to check the pnuematic cylinder or you can caluclate the force by the size of the cylinder, PI * squ R * Input pressure. Depend on the attachment method, by a

splice tape will join carrier tape without shutting off machine

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 20:58:48 EDT 2003 | star7483

APPLICATION: SMT CARRIER TAPE FEATURE: �� High efficiency: joining is accomplished without shutting off the machine. The SMT machine can increase output 5%-15%. �� Reducing SMT machine and feeder abrasion: There is no need to unload & reload feeder

Flux dip or solder print for CSP

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 11:33:37 EST 2017 | emeto

Joshua, 100um is 4mil aperture. You should ask several stencil houses about the possibility to print that small amount of paste(type 6 paste is available now with very small solder spheres 5-15um diameter). Even applying small amount(thin layer of f

Re: Very Low Volume, Very High Mix Experience

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 08 09:25:02 EST 1997 | Scott McKee

| I would like to hear from anyone producing high mix (~200 modules) with low volumes (5-2000 per year) using an automatic line running lot sizes in the 5-50 range. We are engaged in an investigation to invest in this capability. A view into the or

Shoot Up Reflow Zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 13:34:46 EST 2016 | spitkis2

We are currently experiencing with our SMD Solder > Reflow Equipment on Shooting-Up Zones (Zones > 3,4,5,7 & even Cooling Zone). PV exceeds about > 5-10 degrees with the SP. (ex: SP=140deg, actual > PV = 145deg & higher). Our equipment undergo a

How you pack & ship your board level assemblies?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 22:51:42 EST 2018 | leadthree

How you pack & ship your board level assemblies? I mean assembled PCB modules without housing etc. We often have small assemblies (cigarette box size) in the $5-15 range. We put them the (dreadful) red bubble bags and then on carton trays with carto

Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 19:43:05 EDT 2003 | billschreiber

Hello Carl, Thank you for the feedback. You are absolutely right. I was remiss in not addressing the other questions. 2. 440-R SMT Detergent will clean RMA and No-clean solder pastes in 1 � 2 minutes using ultrasonics at ambient temperature and 5

super fine pitch paste & dispensing questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 16 13:38:35 EDT 2010 | rl

i would like to request some advice on manually dispensing paste for super fine pitch components. first some background. i am a small design house and specialize in sub-miniature prototypes for avionics. so far, i have mostly used stainless steel st

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