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Juki Software

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 08:13:36 EDT 2005 | smtnet21

Is there any engineer who have experience for changing the Juki KE740 language convert ? (English to Japanese, or Japanese to English).. I'd like to change the language to English from Japanese (System version is 5.30C and vision VCS version is 01-0

Gold versus HASL finish

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 15 22:04:56 EST 2005 | KEN

The hasl joint looks fuller (and is easier to inspect)because it has more solder volume. Think about it. Your pre-plating your board with solder (before you add more solder). I doubt your getting 0.3 mils of hasl.....probably more like 1.3 to 3.0

Selecting pick and place machine (comparison/personal experience/sales pitches)

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 10:42:40 EDT 2021 | oxygensmd

I have a customer who ask close to prototyping jobs with low volume and high-mix components. A regular job have around 5-30 pieces board but have high quantity and many type of components. All the time over 1000 pieces of parts on board from 250-350


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